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Akosua Pack #10170

As u stumble upon this pack of brave, known warriors they all look at u and bow to show respect to a guest of the alpha, you walk into the entrance to their territory and everyone gets back to work on what they were doing, everyone seems so happy and smiling, you even begin to smile feeling the energy here. A large male pup sits waiting for you to, when u get to him he smiles and pecks u a kiss on the cheek/(Female) High paws you, (Male). He signals you to follow him, you enter a large den to see eyes staring down at you, its dark all u can see is pearcing gray eyes staring down at you, you turn and see more eyes come out of the dark and look at you, the male pup pushes your head down to bow, when the sun hits the den you see a beautiful honey colored female wolf with beautiful gray eyes. She hops down from her rock perch and smiles at you, u chat for hours and when darkness arrives you head, you turn one last time to see a beautiful, happy pack smiling at you when u get father u hear howling at your departure letting all the lone wolves know what would happen if you were attacked.

~You have gained long, happy memories with this pack~

Member Information
Name Akosua Pack
Pack FernPack
Alpha ~{HallowStar}~
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 2021/09/28 08:42:32
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