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Sanctuary - Food, toys and pups CLOSED until 21st

Sanctuary - Food, toys and pups CLOSED until 21st
Posted 2023-02-25 09:56:26 (edited)

Welcome to Sanctuary!

A safe place for pups and wolves.
Following on from our previous experience, iliad and myself would like to do our best to help others enjoy the game! Here we will offer various things like food, amusements and pups/wolves.
All available stock is on my account.
What we offer may change without notice, so be sure to check back regularly!
NOTE: I'm pretty scatterbrained at times, if I mess something up (like not give you enough of what you asked for) please let me know and I'll try to fix it!
  • Please ask for items here, not in my PMs.
  • Please only ask for food / amusement if and *when* you need them.
  • Please don't take stuff from here for the purpose of selling them or sending to another person.
  • Please don't ask for anything that's not offered here.
        If your wolves are starving, I will send some food. The amount varies and is up to me how much I will send.
Max limit per day: 100 uses

      If your wolves are low on mood, I will send some amusement. The amount varies and is up to me how much I will send.
Max limit per day: 50 uses

        I breed my female wolves as much as I can, sometimes I get lucky with nice bases and pies. I will try to offer low-gen pups but a few of my wolves are higher-gen, details of the pup will be noted here (as well as links to them to view). If you are willing to give one a forever home I would be happy to send a pup over, as long as you are capable of looking after them (I will check dens). For pups under 2.5m I will reserve them and send them over once they wean.
Available pups:
None, check back later

Claimed pups:

Please note if the pup I gave you is no longerin your den (either moved to a different den or you chased it) you will not be allowed another! I want my pups going to forever homes, not to be re-sold or uncared for!
G2 T* Female 4M - #75545
G2 TIII 5M - #75545
G2 Male Saffron (TII) 9M - #13566
G2 T2 Female 8M (runt) - got chased :/
G2 TIII Female 6M - #114066
G2 TII Male 10M - #120778
G2 TII Male 7M 1 - #111296
G3 TII Male 7M 3 - #111296
G3 TII Male 7M 4 - #110617
G4 T* Male 4M Passion eyes - #111296
G4 TIII Hydrangea Male 6M #95159
G4 TII Pie (Uneven) 8M - 66066
Layout by #111552
♡ Purple ♡ (EventRolling)

Posted 2023-02-25 10:25:50
um hello! could i have the 2 females and around 50 uses of amusement? im pretty behind in the game and would really appreciate it :DD

Posted 2023-02-25 10:31:42
actually i should probably also ask for 50 uses of food,,,
[thanks in advance!!]

Posted 2023-02-25 10:34:24
@leaf - Sending them over! :)
♡ Purple ♡ (EventRolling)

Posted 2023-02-25 12:21:52
Would love to have some amusement items and food T_T cant feed wolfs or entertaun anymore

Posted 2023-02-25 12:28:41
@Kumika - of course! I'm not sure how much you need so I'll send around 50 each over, let me know if you need more :D
♡ Purple ♡ (EventRolling)

Posted 2023-02-25 12:39:21
Could use some amusements <3 totally out of stock atm T_T


Posted 2023-02-25 12:42:25
@Amaricey not sure how much you need so I'll send 50 uses over, let me know if you need more! :)
♡ Purple ♡ (EventRolling)

Posted 2023-02-25 15:07:01
If you have some spare left would be nice <3 got them almost 100% now


Posted 2023-02-25 15:34:13
@Amaricey I'll send another 20!
♡ Purple ♡ (EventRolling)

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