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Free Mela Carrier Pups! ◾️◽️Brooke◽️◾️◾️◽️Brooke◽️◾️ bumped 23 minutes ago41
Free woofers : give and take! moonprincess 💙moonprincess 💙 bumped 30 minutes ago175
Item Giveaway -- Everyone can claim 1 free item! RyuukokoroAurora 🐺🐴🐯🦁🦊🐼🦦 replied 1 hour ago118
Free bone decor Aurora 🐺🐴🐯🦁🦊🐼🦦Frisk replied 1 hour ago8
🐺 Free wolves for newbies! 🐺 (blue merles, 400+ stats) LionelDannyBoy0 replied 1 hour ago330
GC Giveaway! Come and Get Some! River Ripple✨Moonshadow✨ replied 3 hours ago228
⚘ Kabocha's Den ⚘ Free Herbs and Medicines! ⚘ Open! ⚘ CrownOfRosesxXStarMoonXx replied 3 hours ago9
FREE stuff maxwell 🍂🍂🍂Flair_the_red_dragon replied 6 hours ago44
Free Pups PREY4THEWICKEDPREY4THEWICKED bumped 14 hours ago4
🌸🌼FREE Wolf Pup Giveaway!! ALL NIB!!🌼🌸 🍀Sassyheart🍀🍀Sassyheart🍀 replied 16 hours ago480
🐺 Free Puppies for New and Old Players!! 🐺 🦌 Deer God 🦌Lilly replied 18 hours ago139
stingray's freebs stingraystingray bumped 20 hours ago3
Trained/high stat wolves and NBW giveaway! 🐑 LouBa 🐑Naide replied 22 hours ago20
(NEW PUPS NEW PUPS NEW PUPS) FREE ADOLS + PUPS (TIER 2, RARE MARKS) HauntWhispering Weeds replied 22 hours ago25
Wolves to good home! New and old players welcome! SilverSilver replied 22 hours ago6
FREE Wolves for new players! KallistoWhispering Weeds replied 22 hours ago118
⤜ 𝙋𝙪𝙥 𝙂𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙖𝙬𝙖𝙮 ⤛ IdeenBlumeIdeenBlume bumped 23 hours ago35
Please adopt!!! ShadowLuna19zoappra replied 1 day ago3
Free entry raffle! Eye Applicator [Nightglow]! Liou02 ✨AttilaThePun replied 1 day ago872
Birds overflow!! birdbird bumped 1 day ago0
Free Crafting Services! [OPEN] OleanderBeeberry replied 2 days ago1
Puppies up for the taking GladysGladys replied 2 days ago7
Sentinel Giveaway! GhostieSeiryuu replied 2 days ago378
MoeGo's Giveaway List! MoeGoMoeGo bumped 2 days ago5
herb give away! BillyHolidaze2005KitKat replied 2 days ago6