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☄️ Wolf of the Week ☄️ - 5 GC Prize every Friday!! SlothieBiohazard replied 13 minutes ago222
Honeysuckle hues (adoption center!) New pups added Dec 10th KyraKyra bumped 46 minutes ago8
Christmas Puppy Giveaway! Honey FernHoney Fern bumped 54 minutes ago0
🎅🌲🎁 December Gifting KkiarnaaDraygirlx replied 1 hour ago122
Giving Away 500 GC! River RippleLurcher replied 1 hour ago312
Free Pups, Adols, and Adults! BayleafBayleaf bumped 2 hours ago32
December Gifting for Achievements RustbyKhjion replied 2 hours ago65
🐕Pups/ Adols/ Adults🐺All free💕(Open) AdaSznn19AdaSznn19 bumped 3 hours ago4
🎁Christmas Gifting and R&C giveaway! <3 JettAtlaneRyken replied 3 hours ago68
🐺 FREE food bundles for those without 🥩 MERLE goddess ChiMERLE goddess Chi replied 4 hours ago14
December Gifting 🎁 Comment to Receive a Gift (and get a chance to win custom decors!) mercurieInTheEnd replied 4 hours ago127
🎄Another Gifting Thread🎄 RenRen replied 5 hours ago19
Eclipse's Giveaway Items & Wolves (+300) UvaUva bumped 5 hours ago10
Leaving so i'm giving away wolves! ruby (she/they)ruby (she/they) posted 5 hours ago0
🌟🎁 Another Gifting Thread 🎁🌟 Cr3epyTheTribe replied 5 hours ago23
Murdoc's Colorful Pups: Christmas Giveaway TheTribeTheTribe replied 6 hours ago20
☃️🎁Giving gifts!🎁 ☃️ 🐍halfsnake :🌿 Hartley replied 6 hours ago276
Pups/adols, many with T2 Base and Lunar Event Markings! (New pups Dec 4) KeiKei bumped 7 hours ago4
Free pups! BinxKitten replied 7 hours ago312
🎁 Free Albino Carrier Pups Raffle! 🎁 bonescerø replied 7 hours ago2
The Holiday Gifting Glade JackieBlizzardOfDeath replied 8 hours ago89
🌟🎄 Christmas Event Gifting! 🎄🌟 • ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴇᴀʀꜱ •• ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴇᴀʀꜱ • bumped 8 hours ago106
Gift The Person Above You - Happy Holidays!! IfIWasNeverYours - RenAthena replied 9 hours ago4
Wandering Wolves Adopts LordOfDarkWatchersVooboots replied 9 hours ago41
Chrismas gifting! AStrangerOnlineRen replied 9 hours ago52

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