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°•~ Raevyn's Pie Factory ~•° RaevynRaevyn bumped 14 minutes ago174
🍼🐇Silver's Adoption Center🐇🍼 [OPEN] ⁕※SilverWolf※⁕Heather fitzko replied 46 minutes ago99
🐺🐾🦴 Katnip's Adoption Center 🦴🐾🐺 katnipkatnip replied 2 hours ago9
🌕🐾🐺Fur & Claws Adoption Center 🐺🐾🌕 Morganthemoonkatnip bumped 5 hours ago448
🟣 Uva's Adoption & Resource Center 🟣 UvaUva bumped 5 hours ago114
Muties for Newbies [OPEN!] 𝔸𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕖𝕖ɮǟֆɨʟ replied 6 hours ago72
Free Food & Amusement For Winter! Angryɮǟֆɨʟ replied 6 hours ago138
Help with Amusement and Food d3vilgirlɮǟֆɨʟ replied 6 hours ago170
Sanctuary - Food, toys and pups **Open** ♡ Purple ♡ɮǟֆɨʟ replied 6 hours ago361
Refunded Breedings for new players to my stud (700+ strength!) SesstriaSesstria bumped 7 hours ago0
🐾 🌿 Paws and Plants: Adopt a Pup 🌿 🐾 🐾 🌿 Robin ☯︎🐾 🌿 Robin ☯︎ bumped 14 hours ago614
🪶The Fledgeling Den / Potential Carriers / Free Wolves, Food, and Amusement 🪶 Robinmayfall replied 15 hours ago186
🐺 Free wolves for newbies! 🐺 (merle bonanza! 500+ stats) LionelLionel replied 15 hours ago20
Dystnomia Pack's Adoption Stand! exeris9exeris9 bumped 16 hours ago1
Ray's hope pack adoption center RaytriesRaytries bumped 17 hours ago34
🐺 Dray's Adoption Center 🐺(T3, Muties, T* and More) DraygirlxDraygirlx (Hiatus) replied 22 hours ago227
💙 Kind Canids Assist: Wolf Care (Free Food, Toys, Medicine & More!) SwiftSilence98[ON HIATUS]Scrap_ replied 1 day ago413
FREE T3 PROJECT boneso1dierLucia replied 1 day ago88
🦋💕MYSTERY PUPS!💕🦋(OPEN) kydoesthingsLucia replied 1 day ago250
Free Pups, Adols, and Adults! BayleafBayleaf bumped 2 days ago98
Charged Eyes Decors! [2/3] 🐾Brooke🐾🐾Brooke🐾 bumped 3 days ago7
Closed RosalieRosalie replied 3 days ago2
Refunded Breedings for all! LuciaLucia replied 3 days ago3
Uni's Wayward Wanderers! Free wolves! Many rare marks, raffle eyed, or potential carriers Unianigi {Bases:143/143}🩷💛🩵 M 🩷💛🩵 replied 3 days ago226
🔥Planewalker, the Brachy carrier Traveller🔥 Autumn Vulpes🍂₍ₛₕₑ.ₕₑᵣ₎Autumn Vulpes🍂₍ₛₕₑ.ₕₑᵣ₎ bumped 5 days ago13