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♡ Purple ♡ #111552

Hello! I'm Purple!

She/her, but I don't mind any pronouns. I usually refer to everyone by names to try to not offend anyone ^^;

PMs are open though I'm very socially awkward, but love to help out if I can! You can also find me on Discord if you like (Paddy#7662)

Please don't send me gifts without before asking, I feel very awkward with that, thank you :)
Current thoughts:
-Special lunar event in April ^_^

Looking for:
Currently looking for a Moonlight base app! I don't have much gc but I do have other apps I can trade for one - Hydrangea marking app x3, Rose eye app and a whole bunch of remnants. If you have one you're willing to sell please let me know ^-^

  • My stud is a G2 TIII pyrope finisher (strength) and is priced as low as I can. I offer refunded breeds if successful on first try, but if you don't have enough currency and would like to breed to my stud please feel free to message me to sort something out ^_^.
  • I sell food and amusement on the trade post here. Most packs will have 8+ days on them and are labelled as such! If your wolves are about to leave because you don't have enough food/amusement items, I can send some for free if I have any spare. :)
  • I exchange my SC for your GC at 300-350:1, depending on how much GC is being traded at once! If you're interested just send me a message ^_^

CSS and background are made by me ^_^ Please don't use without permission :)

I'd be happy to make a similar background for you as well as a matching profile CSS. Message me with what you'd like!
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Name ♡ Purple ♡
Pack Sun Killer
Leader Sutenwolf
Joined 2022-12-16
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