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♡ Purple ♡ (EventRolling) #111552

Hello! I'm Purple!

NOTE: I am currently event rolling, so I only rollover on days where there are lunar events or other events that I want to play.

She/her, but I don't mind any pronouns. I usually refer to everyone by names to try to not offend anyone ^^;

PMs are open though I'm very socially awkward, but love to help out if I can! If I dont reply to you it means I have struggled for too long not knowing what to say, or I got distracted and forgot to reply. Either way I am very sorry!

Please don't send me gifts without before asking, I feel very awkward with that, thank you :)
Current thoughts:
-I also play Lorwolf! Click here to play (with my refer link) and message me on there (purplepleb) to let me know its you ^_^
-People here are very nice, I hope I don't come across as rude :x

Did I find an NBW that you chased? If you want it back feel free to pm me with proof of your chase ^_^

My stud is a G1 T* Moonlight Novus-eyed Pie (torn) trained as a chaser (speed + agility). See his page for details ^_^

I do RnC! I don't keep any records currently, though I would like to start when I get organised! My main RnC focus right now is:
-Smoke/Dust/Novus eyes
-TIII and T*

In the past I focused on:

CSS and background are made by me ^_^ Please don't use without permission :)

I'd be happy to make a similar background for you as well as a matching profile CSS. Message me with what you'd like!
Member Information
Name ♡ Purple ♡ (EventRolling)
Pack Sun Killer
Leader Sutenwolf II
Joined 2022-12-16
Last Active 2023/08/31 04:48:55