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Lunar Event #17! (June 17th - 23rd, 2022)

Lunar Event #17! (June 17th - 23rd, 2022)
Posted 2022-06-16 23:38:42 (edited)

The Lunar Event Begins! June 17th, 00:00am WDT through June 23rd, 11:59pm WDT

If you're new or you need a refresher on how the Lunar Event works, we recommend reading the Lunar Event announcement news post located here: LINK!

Now, we'll move to the part about the event updates! :D

New Shop Rewards!

Caelum Markings are joining the Caelum set this week.  The applicator (1 use) costs 250 LT and there are 4 markings within.  You can pick the slot, marking, and opacity when using the applicator on your chosen wolf.

Caelum Markings come in the following shapes:
- Veneer (new!)
- Smudge Heavy
- Inverted Cross
- Aurora

The Caelum base and Sacer claw, nose, and skin set are available as usual this week.

This event's unique Lunar eye applicator is Saros!  Saros eyes can pass Saros and will fail to Green, Red, and Blue.

Notice: The base, marking, claws, nose, and skin applicators that are available this week will be retiring after this month's Lunar event.  They will appear all at once during the next real life Lunar event of our choice.  The eye applicator retires this week, but it can also be found again in the Lunar Shoppe when a real life Lunar event occurs.  We will put out an announcement in advance when a real life Lunar event is approaching!

New Lunar Encounters!

This month, we've added 7 new universal explore encounters!  Watch out for them, as one of the button actions can give you a rare recipe for a Cnitharian Frills decor or its purple version!

We hope to focus on decor rewards next month!

Posted 2022-06-16 23:40:00 (edited)
News???? YAY!

Edit: second time first??!!


Posted 2022-06-16 23:40:34 (edited)


Posted 2022-06-16 23:40:36
I love the new markings!


Posted 2022-06-16 23:41:21

Posted 2022-06-16 23:41:45
Those markings are gorgeous ugh

💣💥 Bakugou 💣💥

Posted 2022-06-16 23:43:00
Super stoked about this! Second event I've been apart of! Yayyy! Definitely have become addicted!

Posted 2022-06-16 23:43:01
Yay, thank you for the new marking. I love it.


Posted 2022-06-16 23:43:29
Why do you release eyes with feline pupils?


Posted 2022-06-16 23:43:39
EVENT EVENT EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!