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Lunar Event News

Lunar Event News
Posted 2021-02-26 23:58:56 (edited)

Lunar Event

You lie down, letting the moon bask your muzzle in its blue light. Closing your eyes, you begin to doze off, feeling your body slowly relaxing. You start to feel as though you're falling down, losing your grasp on gravity with the ground crumbling away beneath your body. With a startled gasp, you open your eyes, looking at everything around you. You feel hazy, and everything appears to be covered in blue fog, glowing lights, and dissolving darkness. Are you dreaming? What is this mystical world?

It's time for Wolvden's first event!  This will be a week-long mini event that reoccurs every single month.  We are a little late with launching it for February, but in future it will begin on the third Friday of every month and last until 11:59pm the following Thursday.

For example, the timetable for the next few months is as follows:

19th - 26th
16th - 23rd
21st - 28th
18th - 25th

This month's Lunar event will begin on Saturday 27th February at 12am (00:00) and will end on Friday 5th March at 11:59pm.

You can access the event from the "Event" page on the main site navigation bar.

During the Day

In the day time, you will start to find strange glowing dust among your travels.  You will passively collect this Lunar Essence, storing it up for night time in-game.  You can collect up to 100 Lunar Essence at any one time, and up to 100 maximum from Explore per Rollover.  On Rollover, you will automatically have gained 25 Lunar Essence which doesn't count towards your daily maximum.  Lunar Essence can only be collected from explore when it isn't night time - from Dawn until Dusk.

Lunar Essence is used as a secondary resource which you will spend in place of Energy on explore steps in the Dreamlands, a different, lunar-touched world.

Note: Lunar Essence carries over if it is unused.  If you end the day with 50 Lunar Essence, upon rollover, you will have 75 Lunar Essence (50 + the 25 bonus from rolling over).  Carried-over Lunar Essence does not impact the 100 you can earn from exploring.

During the Night

At night time, the Dreamlands will become available.  A banner on the Event page will light up and become available to use, or you can visit Explore and a button will appear in the top right hand corner which allows you to "Fall asleep...".  This way you can enter the Dreamlands - a warped reality which is touched by Lunar powers.

In the Dreamlands, you will find a variety of new encounters with various creatures and experiences, as well as a large variety of Lunar opponents to battle!  All of these encounters and battles will reward you with our first event currency - Lunar Tears - which can be used to purchase items from the Lunar Shoppe with a pair of brand new NPCs.

The enemies require normal Energy and HP to battle, but the Lunar encounters may heal you more often than normal Explore encounters! There are biome-specific enemies, though they all have the same level requirements: 1 to 20. In addition to this, there are also difficult "boss" opponents which appear only when you are a much higher level. These bosses, while extra difficult to battle against, will drop better rewards!

Note: The enemies will not drop trophies just yet. This is planned for a future update!


This world is painted in a subtle way as a humble start. We will slowly build upon this, though we intend this world to be the background for your own stories, your den lore, and your ideas. There may never be a true storyline or occurrences within this event, but you will get to experience how this world reacts to you, how it behaves when you aren't around, and how the local creatures function and face their struggles.

Sometimes, the local creatures will look almost normal. Other times, they may be twisted and unique. Whatever they look like, they all require the essence to live and thrive. The moon's influence is strong and it sets the rhythm for this world, with its pulsating light and waxing darkness. All of its lore is invented by us, not based on any mythology—we wanted a light, fun, and mystical fantasy world.

There are some unique, made-up designs and names that you may notice. Their preset themes are open to your interpretation for you to use within custom decors and your personal lore. The "canon" will give you outlines of the world you will explore.

Aggressive Pherris creatures come from the northern areas of the world. Their fur is long, and their reddish colour is based on iron, which they specialise in smithing by using lunar essence. Whenever the Dreamworld lights up, they venture out to claim more land. You may notice their battle paints and creations. The name comes from an English word for "iron" or "ruddy".

Volukros creatures specialise in stealth. They have feathered growths and darker tones, and they inhabit the warm tropical forests of the south. As the world gets warmer, they are able to wander further north to pillage new lands for lunar essence, thus clashing with the Pherris warriors. The name was inspired by French words for "flying" and "plunder".

Cnitharian creatures have jellyfish-like tendrils, pulsating patterns of light, veils, and other various mutations. These beings are peaceful and inhabit the entirety of the Dreamworld. They specialise in trade and enjoy dancing and music. The name was inspired by the Latin name for the phylum of these strange aquatic creatures that inspired the designs.

Eventually, dreams turn into nightmares, and some dreams go even deeper. We will expand this in future and the lore will keep growing.

About Events

As this is our first event, it's filled with content which we will aim to expand on in future. We plan to start small and gradually increase content month-by-month, year-by-year: encounters, Lunar Shoppe rewards, and so much more. The Lunar event is an experimental monthly "mini" event which we've never done before even on our sister game Lioden, but fear not—we do still plan to add in full month-long events, with the Lunar mini event running alongside them.

About Content
The Lunar Shoppe will feature biome-exclusive backgrounds and decors, as well as many universal ones. We are starting with one background per biome shop (based on the explore artwork) and two exclusive decors in each. Everything has a very specific blue colour theme. This content will receive an update every month!


We are releasing the very first Special base on Wolvden in the Lunar Shoppe: Selene!

Selene is a light blue base that has Special genetics. There are also claw, nose, and skin applicators: Selenite!

The way that the applicator mechanic is set up is separated into two-month phases. A new base will come out every two Lunar phases (or every two Lunar events). The first month, we will release a base and themed claw, nose, and skin applicators. The next month, that set will still be available, but an applicator with matching markings will appear!

Afterwards, the base and its set will be retired from the Lunar Shoppe, and a new set will be released the next month, making the previous applicators unavailable to obtain besides trading with other players.

But.  Every time a special, rare, moon-related event in the real world happens (like a blue moon or a lunar eclipse, such as one occurring on 16th May, 2022), all applicator sets we have released so far will appear in the Lunar Shoppe all at once that month! We will pick out the dates in advance and, of course, announce them within development updates in order to give everyone a fair heads up.

New eye applicators will come out every month, then be retired immediately after. We are starting with Violet.

Special Information: Sometimes, when a very special moon-related event occurs in the real world, we will also release special Lunar Variant applicators in the Lunar Shoppe. This will have to match with our Variant release plans. Be sure to study those astronomy calendars!

Lunar Event News Recap (TL;DR)
* Everyone with an account is able to access the Lunar event, there is no page to sign up
* The currency for this event is the Lunar Tear (LT)
* To explore the Dreamlands, you need Lunar Essence (LE), which you can find by exploring regularly during in-game Dawn, Day, and Dusk
* Each regular explore step has a chance to generate 2 or 3 LE
* Lunar Essence cannot be found in Explore during in-game Night
* You can earn a total of 100 LE at maximum through exploring each real-life day
* You will be automatically granted 25 LE upon rolling over, this 25 LE does not count towards your 100 LE cap (meaning you can earn 125 LE per real-life day)
* All biomes have an equal chance of dropping LE, you do not have a greater chance of getting LE from your home biome or more challenging biomes
* You can still earn LE up to the cap if you are at 99/100 LE
* Every step in the Dreamlands gives you an opportunity to earn at least 1 LT, there are no filler or flavour text encounters
* All Lunar enemies drop at least 1 Lunar Tear if you battle them and win; Lunar enemies that are Level 15 or higher will drop 2 Lunar Tears if you battle them and win
* Lunar enemies do not drop trophy items at this time
* The absolute maximum amount of LT you can earn per day is 250 (RNG has to be on your side for this!)
* You can see your current LE amount and total LE earned for the day by visiting the Event page
* You can see your LT count by visiting the Lunar Shoppe via the Event page
* The Lunar Shoppe contains a mix of universal and biome-specific decors and backgrounds, as well as universal applicators; the content will receive updates every month
* Lunar Shoppe backgrounds and decors will not cycle out for the time being
* Lunar Shoppe applicators will cycle out
* Each month, a new eye applicator will be released, then retired immediately after
* Every two Lunar events, a new base and themed claw, nose, and skin applicators will be released; the next month following that will release a new matching marking applicator, then the entire set will retire
* All applicators (bases, claws, eyes, noses, skins) will return to the Lunar Shoppe when a real-life special moon-related event occurs
* Unused Lunar Essence carries over through rollovers
* Unspent Lunar Tears carry over through rollovers and future events
* The Selene base, Selenite claws, nose, and skin, and Violet eyes can pass down to pups during breeding
* Special bases (such as Selene) can only pass if at least one parent has that base
* Tier III x Special is the second-best pairing to do if you cannot do Special x Special
* Tier I/II/III x Tier I/II/III will never make a Special
* Tier I/II/III x Special can produce Tier III
* Special x Special can produce Tier III in any colour group as they fail into them all equally, but only in a compatible shade from the two Specials

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