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Foxtrot's Reverse Breeding Den

Foxtrot's Reverse Breeding Den
Posted 2022-02-18 10:19:09 (edited)
Welcome to Foxtrot's Reverse Breeding Den!!

Here are all my females that are part of my Reverse Stud program. I try to keep this updated, but Life does sometimes get in the way.

All my females start with a base of 100SC plus 10SC for each marking (Similar to how the base studding goes.)
The price of each female is listed.
You will either message on here or PM a female name. If she is not currently in I will reserve her and PM you a day before she goes into heat.
Once she goes into heat you will send me a gift with:
-Heat Cost
-Stud Cost (Along with who you want to use as a stud.)
-Nesting Material (Or cost)
-Breeding items if you so desire.
(I will not send a stud request until I get these items. )

Unless otherwise stated you will get all the pups to come out of this breeding. For me that is what you are paying for.
I will do my best to keep your pups safe and healthy! Accidents sometimes happen. I will give back a 50% refund if under 50% of the pups die. A full refund if over 50%. (Example: Litter of 4- 1 pup dies I will refund 50% if 3 pups die you get 100%)

I understand life gets busy, and things come up. I will send a message the day before or the first day of your wolf's heat. If I don't hear from you during her heat you will be put in the back of the wait-list and the next person is up.

Otherways to pay
If you allow me to pick a puppy from the litter then you will get 50% off the Heat cost.
I will also discuss other options to trade including items or herbs.

Feel Free to PM with any questions!! :)


Posted 2022-02-18 10:42:26 (edited)
In Heat
Orchid G1 140SC(2Rollovers)
Base Lavender (0.61%)
Base Genetics Cool Light II
Eyes Red
Skin Black
Nose Blue
Claws Gray
Slot 2 Black Agouti (60% : T0)
Slot 6 Black Mask (34% : T0)
Slot 7 Black Neck Stripe (22% : T1)
Slot 10 White Urajiro (89% : T1)
Thyra G4130SC(2Rollovers)
Base Iridium (0.2%)
Base Genetics Monochrome Dark III
Eyes Olive
Skin Lusxnei
Nose Lusxnei
Claws Selenite
Slot 1 Selene Dilution (72% : T3)
Slot 5 Luna Smudge Heavy (52% : T3)
Slot 8 Selene Ornate Spots (72% : T3)
Beryx G3 160SC (3Rollovers)
Base    Biotite (0.57%)
Base Genetics    Monochrome Dark II
Eyes    Ice
Skin    Black
Nose    Fern
Claws    Black
Slot 1    Red Smudge Heavy (8%)
Slot 2    White Merle (55%)
Slot 3    Gray Agouti (53%)
Slot 5    White Inverted Panda (51%)
Slot 7    Clover Lupos (46%)
Slot 8    Black Half Stripe (21%)

Cool Down
Phoenix G5130SC (1Rollovers)
Base Realgar (0.26%)
Base Genetics Warm Dark III
Eyes Azure
Skin Dark Brown
Nose Pallid
Claws Oxblood
Slot 1 Losna Aurora (68% : T3)
Slot 4 White Tamaskan Unders (71% : T7)
Slot 9 Black Half Stripe (51% : T1)
Whisper G4120SC (5Rollovers)
Base Iridium (0.2%)
Base Genetics Monochrome Dark III
Eyes Orange
Skin Lusxnei
Nose Lusxnei
Claws Fern
Slot 5 Beige Light Husky (35% : T1)
Slot 6 Gray Smoke (19% : T8)

Carpo G3180SC
Base Doubloon (0.47%)
Base Genetics Warm Medium II
Eyes Blue
Skin Lunar
Nose Black
Claws Black
Slot 1 Red Mantle (51% : T0)
Slot 3 Dark Brown Mantle (31% : T0)
Slot 5 Moonlight Aurora (32% : T3)
Slot 6 Losna Cross (64% : T3)
Slot 7 Black Merle Patches (42% : T2)
Slot 8 White Inner Ear (74% : T1)
Slot 9 Brown Neck (23% : T0)
Slot 10 White Low Bottoms (71% : T0)
Lily G1110SC
Base Feldspar (0.28%)
Base Genetics Muted Light II
Eyes Yellow
Skin Fallow
Nose Dark Brown
Claws White
Slot 5 Cream Blaze (51% :T0)
Amelia G3140SC
1 AngelicDemon
Base    Oroide (0.42%)
Base Genetics    Muted Dark II
Eyes    Black
Skin    Black
Nose    Black
Claws    White
Slot 6 Black Panda (35% : T2)
Slot 8 White Merle (52% : T2)
Slot 9 Moonlight Agouti (79% : T3)
Slot 10 Selene Inverted Agouti (25% : T3)
Bloodmoon G3150SC
Base    Realgar (0.26%)
Base Genetics    Warm Dark III
Eyes    Brown
Skin    Black
Nose    Black
Claws    Root
Slot 1 Red Spectacles (22% : T1)
Slot 3 Brown Unders (29% : T0)
Slot 5 White Light Husky (42% : T1)
Slot 8 White Tamaskan Unders (13% : T7)
Slot 9 Brown Shoulder Patch (34% : T0)
Anastasia G3150SC
Base Iridium (0.19%)
Base Genetics Monochrome Dark III
Eyes Blue
Skin Gray
Nose Lusxnei
Claws Dark
Slot 3 Dark Brown Forehead (76%)
Slot 4 White Light Husky (96%)
Slot 5 Luna Smudge Heavy (42%)
Slot 7 Selene Lupos (42%)
Slot 9 Brown Stained Limbs (39%)


Posted 2022-02-22 06:40:43
I would like to buy the heat of Rosepetal!

Posted 2022-02-22 06:54:43
Awesome I will get to that right now!!


Posted 2022-02-24 16:51:31
I would like to buy Cinder's heat!

Posted 2022-02-24 16:52:40
Of course! Go ahead and send everything as a gift and I will send you the stud request!


Posted 2022-02-24 16:53:16
Ok could I do half price? You can have first pick!

Posted 2022-02-24 16:54:26
Of course! Go ahead and send the 65SC for the heat


Posted 2022-02-24 16:56:16
I'd like to buy Fuyu's heat! ;)

Posted 2022-02-24 16:57:12
Of course! Send over everything and I will send the stud request!


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