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Den Clear-Out💨Low-Gen T3s, Specials, & Carriers! 🐾Brooke🐾🐾Brooke🐾 bumped 12 minutes ago5
🌵JOLLYWAY’S T3, T*, And Muties🌵(Open) JollyWay🍥JollyWay🍥 bumped 1 hour ago79
🟢 [OPEN]-New Added 11/30 - 🐺 G2 T3 Pups looking for a New Pack! 🐺 CarrieCarrie bumped 1 hour ago48
🎅🎄'TIS THE SEASON!! DECEMBER SALE 🎄 🎅 Give yourself the gift of a T3 pup for 5gc, 10gc or 20gc! CarrieCarrie bumped 1 hour ago0
🐺G4 PIE & G4 MELA Added! Rare Line, LOW GEN, 500+ Stats, T2, BO Marks for Sale!🐺 SneepSneep replied 5 hours ago73
Foxtrot Reverse Breeding Den ❄️Alicefox❄️❄️Alicefox❄️ replied 5 hours ago91
PATCHES Mottled Indentical Twins! trahana🌈Raevyn replied 6 hours ago6
💐 jupiter's reverse breeding | high stats, rare bases & more! jupitercrashjupitercrash bumped 6 hours ago26
5 NBW's for trade UnusUnus bumped 7 hours ago0
🐻‍❄️ Ursa's Sales Den | G2s | G3s | T3s | T*s | Raffle Eyes 🐻‍❄️ UrsaUrsa bumped 7 hours ago49
🛩 Avi's Reverse Breeding! Muties, T3s, low gen & more~ AviAvi bumped 7 hours ago7
LAKE'S AUCTIONS 💕 (Open) LakeLake replied 8 hours ago4
AUCTION of Wolf pups. Crazy Race Horse FanCrazy Race Horse Fan replied 9 hours ago6
🖤 Raevyn's Auctions - G2 Biewer Pups, Available Now! 🖤 RaevynRaevyn bumped 15 hours ago3
Chased Wolves record From Eiderdown EiderdownEiderdown replied 15 hours ago132
💌💘Canis'Lupus Reverse Breeding💘💌 [OPEN] 🧸TheMoonWolf🧸🧸TheMoonWolf🧸 bumped 16 hours ago104
🌸 Lilly's Auction 🌸 LillyLilly replied 17 hours ago6
For sale: 992-1086 stat pups al80798al80798 bumped 18 hours ago2
Open: Disco's Wolf Sales! [Updated 11.23.23] Dr. DiscoTatyana replied 22 hours ago66
✧Imawa Pack Pup Sales✧ Pretty Colorbomb & Natural Pups! Special Marks! ALL 50 SC! FairlyLightFairlyLight bumped 23 hours ago1
New player needing assistance with puppies JavaJava replied 1 day ago2
Lots of wolves up for sale! High tiers, new markings, color bombs, and more! SeagullzzSeagullzz bumped 1 day ago3
🟢 SALES DEN OPEN 🌒 | NBW T3 HORNFELS WITH DARK HAZEL EYES 𓃦 𝐓𝐲 || 🍂𓃦 𝐓𝐲 || 🍂 bumped 1 day ago6
💎Two G2 BIEWER Pied pups & One G3 SPLIT Patched pup + Two G2 SPLIT for auction💎 effyeffy bumped 2 days ago31
Switching traveling wolves AjvankaAjvanka bumped 2 days ago0