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.: 𝔼𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕍𝔸𝕃𝔼 π•Šπ”Έπ•ƒπ”Όπ•Š :. | Selene markings etc, low prices DeenathDeenath bumped 1 minute ago11
🐢 Super cute NIB Tier II pups with really decent stats ❀ for SALE🏷 InsaneπŸͺChocolateβ˜•InsaneπŸͺChocolateβ˜• bumped 6 minutes ago0
🧸 ADOPT A PUPPY πŸ• free gifted pups looking for a good home 🏠 InsaneπŸͺChocolateβ˜•InsaneπŸͺChocolateβ˜• bumped 6 minutes ago54
04/20: πŸ‚ NIB G3/G5 ACs W/ NO BIG NAMES, πŸ”₯ FIRST HEAT ALBINO πŸ”₯, Other G2 Pups, 440+ Stats πŸ‚ ZoeZoe bumped 11 minutes ago438
two pearl puppies!! (t3!) πŸ‘πŸ€ willing to haggle! JayJay posted 12 minutes ago0
😍 NEW ADDED! Absolutely Gorgeous & Experienced TII Young Female Wolves, IN HEAT, 690+ Stats, G4 😍 ZoeZoe bumped 16 minutes ago2
🌟 Carol's Flat Sales 🌟 Muties, carriers, females in heat, T2/T3s, 500+ pups! [OPEN] 🌟 Carol 🌟🌟 Carol 🌟 bumped 17 minutes ago7
Echoing Mist's Puppy Sales Tri.NikinsTri.Nikins bumped 21 minutes ago2
Delta's Pup Sanctuary DeltaDelta bumped 24 minutes ago3
460 stat puppies TerrxTerrx bumped 26 minutes ago1
πŸ–€πŸ€ RARE Lineage MELANISTIC + ALBINOS πŸ–€πŸ€ Rapirisu ✦ Mutie BreederRapirisu ✦ Mutie Breeder bumped 37 minutes ago0
483st πŸ“Š T3 SLATE with MERLE πŸŒ‘ HIGHEST Stat non-Fox/Moj T3 πŸŒ‘ NO FAELOR/SUNFALL/EMPEROR πŸŒ‘ NIB πš‘πš’πšπšπšŽπš‘πš’πšπšπšŽ bumped 56 minutes ago27
Auction: High-stat Lowgens, NIB & No big names! FriskFrisk replied 1 hour ago4
[Pupsitting Serveces - I Will Safe-Keep Your Wolves for a Fee - Inforcers' Kindergarden] Inforcer (He/Him)Inforcer (He/Him) bumped 1 hour ago16
🌊She sells sea shells: pretty T2/T1 Flatsales, merles, 500+ [Update 04/17]🐚 🌊salt&shell🌊salt&shell bumped 1 hour ago36
[Pupsitting] Apollo's Sanctuary - OPEN AlphaAlpha bumped 1 hour ago4
Akani's PWYW and Flat Sales! | TIII, 500+ stats puppies. Hetero Eyes and more! AkaniAkani bumped 3 hours ago10
🌰 Acorn Pups - Flatsales, offers welcome 🌰 Updated 14/4: T2s, 300-460 stats, Gen 3s, Glass eyes IonaIona bumped 3 hours ago27
🐺HuskyWolf Hybrids Sales And Auctions🐺 2x Gen 4 SLATE pups !! ElderOrcaElderOrca bumped 4 hours ago0
Havenwood Wolf Sales • New 4/20! • High stats & lots more for sale! • A few free wolves, come look! TeennineTeennine bumped 4 hours ago10
🐾 G5 Pups | 400+ Stats | Low COI | Fairly Cheap | Offers Welcome πŸ• 🐾 Mana TwilightMana Twilight bumped 5 hours ago2
🐾 G3-G5 Pups | 400-500+ Stats | NIB | Good Deals | Offers Welcome πŸ• 🐾 Mana TwilightMana Twilight bumped 5 hours ago0
🦴 ANX'S PREMIUM PUP SALES! *FOXES & MELA, high stats (550+!) & short, NIB lines!* [Updated 4/14] AnxietyAnxiety bumped 6 hours ago17
🐺🌸 Asmundr Sales! 🐺🌸 Teardrop, Pearl, Grulla, Realgar, and B/W and B/B Heteros! CHEAP! 🐺🌸 JahlaJahla bumped 6 hours ago1667
Shadowfell Sales TendencyTendency bumped 7 hours ago1