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⚠️ LAST CHANCE! T3s & more for Sale - Scheduled to be Chased before RO. CarrieCarrie bumped 5 minutes ago0
Wolf Family Pack for Sale! DesertChellRogueDesertChellRogue bumped 9 minutes ago0
Free/Cheap Wolves! 300-500+ Stats CedartreeCedartree bumped 9 minutes ago14
Zodia's Trained Wolf Sales! ZodiakeyZodiakey bumped 37 minutes ago1
⭐Silver Falcon Pack Wolf Sales⭐ Low Gen T3s and High-Stat Hunters! Food?Food? bumped 48 minutes ago18
🖤🧡💛 Saffron NIB, black merle & fox eyes 💛🧡🖤 BeastOfTheyRoadBeastOfTheyRoad bumped 50 minutes ago0
✨Melanistic Brachycephaly✨ Female MonttieMonttie bumped 1 hour ago0
G2✨Albino✨ Male for sale! MonttieMonttie bumped 1 hour ago0
🟢 [OPEN] 🐺 G2 T3 and T* Pups Looking for a New Pack! 🐺 CarrieCarrie bumped 1 hour ago7
🌙🐺🌿Lunar Meadows Adoption Center T1, T2, T3 and Chased Wolves!🌿🐺🌙 AuriarAuriar bumped 2 hours ago13
Cheap wolves :) less than 50 SC each!! AyshAysh bumped 3 hours ago5
Hlienes Vaskr Natural Wolves and Muties⭐ Chasers ⭐ 300+ ⭐ T1/T2/T3, Het Eyes ⭐ [NEW 1/9] ink [naturals]ink [naturals] bumped 3 hours ago20
💙Mid-Mundr Sales!💙Hetero Tier 3s, Merles, low gens, PANDAS/WINGS, and more! CHEAP!💙 MahiruMahiru bumped 3 hours ago368
Vixie's auction! [Double carrier available] VixieVixie bumped 6 hours ago18
CircleE’s Adoption Center (OPEN) CircleECircleE bumped 10 hours ago7
750+ start stats TIII low gen albino melano NBW rares LemanLeman bumped 10 hours ago2
LF: Homes for pups! TII & TIII, G3/low gen NIB, selene/losna markings. Offer! reggiereggie bumped 11 hours ago3
T3 ADOPTION CENTER Loralei NightshadeLycan replied 12 hours ago1
NIB T3's JackieJackie bumped 13 hours ago8
CANCELLED SheepInWolf'sClothingSheepInWolf'sClothing bumped 14 hours ago0
Local Wolf Merchant 🧳 SheepInWolf'sClothingSheepInWolf'sClothing bumped 14 hours ago0
IMMORTAL chased t3 NBWs | trained + decor! 🐌🍄Faerie🐌🍄Faerie bumped 16 hours ago0
1-5 SC Puppies! CriticalNautilusCriticalNautilus bumped 18 hours ago0
Goldthorn Pack Sales [OPEN - T3s, T2s | Taking Offers including food!] SmallPebble AKA Titan🌙SmallPebble AKA Titan🌙 bumped 22 hours ago2
◾️◽Cheap Wulf Pups & Mela Carriers for Sale!◽️◾️ ◾️◽️Brooke◽️◾️◾️◽️Brooke◽️◾️ bumped 23 hours ago0