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Development Update #7

Development Update #7
Posted 2021-03-15 13:41:03 /

Battle System Update!

As part of our plans for rebalancing, battling has had a fairly decent overhaul! From now on, we hope all enemies you encounter will offer a more immersive experience and lessen the effects of 'RNG'! Enemies should behave more closely to several factors - the type of animal/enemy they are (for example, certain enemies have claws, some have antlers, tusks.. etc),  whether they are a group or a lone animal, and if they have any special abilities (be careful of snakes!). You will notice more interesting flavour text and new moves being used against you, for example: packs might attempt to surround you, and bears especially may try to grab and immobilise you with their paws.

To summarise:

* Opponents now perform special moves, including charges, grabs, poison attacks and surrounding.
* There is now a significant difference in the effectiveness of different attacks depending on the opponent type: i.e. Snarl vs Focus vs Chase, Bite vs Latch and Shear vs Crush. The bonuses associated can be seen when hovering over the dice icon following an attack.
* Groups now scatter when wounded, reducing their rolls and damage.
* Successful Rest now has a better chance of stopping bleeding, and also a high chance to remove the tired status effect.
* Successful opening moves (except Lunge) will more consistently increase the dice rolls of moves such as Rest, Wait, Retreat, Release, Snap and Escape (on top of increasing/reducing damage).
* All opening moves (except a failed Lunge) now skip the opponent's turn.

Extra Healthy Tweaks!

To coincide with the battling change, we have looked at rebalancing the healing salves in game. To this end, we have added a boost to your Herbalists - if they are above 80% herbalism proficiency, all healing salves crafted by them will gain +1 use.

The amount of HP granted by the Rich Healing Salve has been boosted from +20 HP up to +50 HP.

The amount of HP granted by the Healing Salve has been boosted from +10 HP up to +20 HP.

Unrelated to Battling, but helpful nontheless..

We know how requested this feature was during the Lunar event, and with the Lunar event due to start on Friday 19th March again, we wanted to make sure this managed to make it in! On the cooldowns page you can now see how long until the Time Of Day changes again!

And a list of changes since the last Development update....

Minor Change

* The fishing biome leaderboards have had the score submission time adjusted to be a 'time ago' format, rather than the 24 hour clock. i.e. A fish was last submitted 23 seconds ago, rather than the timestamp itself.
* Moved Wise Fox art to be in a higher position on the scene.

Minor Addition

* PMs now have a hover over with the exact timestamp for when a message was sent, if it displays in the 'time ago' format.
* The bugbox now has a hover over with the exact timestamp for when a bug report was updated, if it displays in the 'time ago' format.
* The forums now have a hover over with the exact timestamp for when a topic was updated, if it displays in the 'time ago' format.
* Added a "Lunar Event News Recap (TL;DR)" to the bottom of the "Lunar Event News" post.

Bug Fix

* Bug fix confirmed for Double studding.
* Bug fix confirmed for Grammatical error on pup survival chance notification.
* Bug fix confirmed for Mod Requested Report - Forum Activity.
* Bug fix confirmed for Fishing biome leaderboard "last fish submitted" inaccurate.
* Bug fix confirmed for Base Changer does not work on Breeding Male.
* Bug fix confirmed for Error while being diagnosed quest cannot be completed.
* Bug fix confirmed for A Pair of Lovers Bonding quest not working for same sex wolves.
* Bug fix confirmed for Herbalist Quest Stuck.
* Bug fix confirmed for Illness quest error page.
* Bug fix confirmed for Quest cannot be finished.
* Bug fix confirmed for Red Oak Branch recipes cannot be sold to Raccoon.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar Encounters Not Doing Anything.
* Bug fix confirmed for Dreamland explore does nothing.
* Bug fix confirmed for Event Encounters borked.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar Essence not counting.
* Bug fix confirmed for You're out of energy notice when event exploring.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar encounter bug.
* Bug fix confirmed for Missing LT.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar Caribou - not rewarding LT.
* Bug fix confirmed for No limit on lunar essence.
* Bug fix confirmed for questing snake does not specify which enemy to defeat in battle.
* Bug fix confirmed for Minor Typo in Deciduous Forest Lunar Shoppe.
* Bug fix confirmed for Glowing Spores Typo.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar Hawk Encounter no art.
* Bug fix confirmed for Grasslands missing event biome-exclusive decor?.
* Bug fix confirmed for No image for the "charged lynx" ennemy.
* Bug fix confirmed for Lunar grouse encounter not showing up.
* Bug fix confirmed for Immortal Puppy Survival Den Notice.
* Bug fix confirmed for User Log Grammar Mistake.
* Bug fix confirmed for Puppies at Risk tab doesn't appear under Nesting/Pupsitting.
* Bug fix confirmed for Selene base shown as Tier III while being Tier *.
* Bug fix confirmed for inputting non-numerical character in marking opacity changer does not change opacity, uses item.
* Bug fix confirmed for Typo in Gene's Hollow Message.
* Bug fix confirmed for toucan feather not showing in crafting menu.
* Bug fix confirmed for No Puppies at risk yet the banner says otherwise.
* Bug fix confirmed for Wolves are not available for reclaiming.
* Bug fix confirmed for Puppies at Risk page may be mistyped.
* Bug fix confirmed for Event ended too early? March 4th 12:03am.
* Bug fix confirmed for Mysteriously Rotting Food? Food not returned after cancelling trade?.
* Bug fix confirmed for Items Still Showing as "In Trade" After Trade Offer Cancelled.
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Ooooooo fancy!


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Yay Update :D


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Yay, exciting!!


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nice!! love it 


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Ahhh surprise update! Exciting!!


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Awesome! These seem like very nice changes! Thanks! 


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So excited!! ^0^