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Ravencore #9129

Name's Calum!

He/Him | +2hrs WD Time | ISFP-T

I am 100% a chaotic neutral with ADHD and sometimes my filter (or lack thereof) isn't very effective, so if I come off too strong please let me know. I tend to approach everyone with the same energy and that energy is you are my best friend, we are friends now. I won't get offended if you tell me to refrain from doing something or to back off; in fact, since we're on this topic, I don't get offended over much at all. So you have full permission to relax around me and say whatever your little heart desires. I am a safe space!


Artist | Roleplayer | Writer

You're still reading? Cool! A bit more about me I suppose. I'm 26 and from Maine, born and raised. I'm part of the LGBTQIA+ community; bi/pansexual. Honestly, the whole sexuality thing for me fluctuates hard because there's so much more to me in that regard. Of course if you want to know the details, you can always ask me, I don't mind. I really enjoy meeting and talking to people; sharing stories, just mild discussions, whatever. Moving on, I am an artist. I enjoy drawing with traditional mediums as well as digital. I'm not the best artist out there, but I can whip up some of the quickest sketches you did ever done see~ As for roleplay and writing, those kind of go hand in hand, don't they? I prefer playing male characters but that doesn't mean I can't/don't have some female characters on the backburner. I also prefer mxm romances (unless someone writes up a female character that doesn't follow every single painful female trope out there, please dear god); in general, I'm pretty open to any and all genres. Anyway, I'm absolutely open to writing stories with other tipity-tap savvy players here on Wolvden, just give me a holler! Any more questions about this dumb birb, feel free to shoot me a DM and I'll be happy to chirp your ear off. Toodles~

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Name Ravencore
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