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Remove Raccoon’s SC Limit and Explore SC Cap

Remove Raccoon’s SC Limit and Explore SC Cap
Posted 2021-02-21 12:37:01 (edited)

I’ve been thinking about the economy a lot lately. I’m sure there may be some improvements simply as time goes on, but here’s my thoughts on the current situation.

It seems to me that there was an attempt to create a user-to-user-heavy market by limiting how much SC the Raccoon can offer, which, theoretically is a good idea.

Except the variety of items is kinda low (and frankly the rate at which new items are currently added means that their prices drop very quickly as everyone rushes to obtain and sell them).

The nature of user markets in games like this is to undercut opponents, so with a smaller variety of items, all end up undercut again and again.

Add to that the fact that there’s several SC sinks but honestly few ways to earn it (some from explore, (but there’s that pesky explore cap where you stop finding SC in explore after obtaining so much SC) some from fishing (which admittedly is nice - if you can spend a couple hours at it), selling to the raccoon (but that’s limited), studding, and selling to other users (both can be hit or miss because they require other users to want to spend their currency on you while the other options are at least a guaranteed way)).

So, SC isn’t as plentiful as it really would need to be to encourage higher prices for things (bc since most people only have a small-to-moderate amount, people only have that much to spend, or will be less willing to spend what little they have).

Ironically, I think the limit on SC was intended to encourage more GC sales, but I think adding in more SC (by removing those caps perhaps, for example) would actually be GOOD for the market as prices could increase, meaning more variable numbers in competing prices and people being able to actually afford paying more SC for items/wolves/studdings meaning more SC circulates.

But also, if people have more SC, they’d be more willing to trade their earned SC for GC for grove items if they’ve got no IRL money to spend, and people with IRL money to spend might see GC as a quick way to get SC for raccoon ware items, theoretically leading to more GC purchases as the SC:GC conversion rate becomes more reasonable and stable. 

So my suggestion here is to “add” more SC to the economy by simply removing the limited SC that Raccoon Wares Raccoon has to offer, and either remove or significantly increase the SC Cap before you stop finding SC in Explore. 

*This is also a far simpler way to stimulate the economy than any new mechanics or trying to add in items/markings/other features at an increased rate to try and keep up with the rate of items losing value in the current economy.

**I know there’s probably arguments like: “If the Raccoon Limit is removed, then people will sell all their extras to the Raccoon”. This is likely, I agree, but I also think it’s valuable to the user market as there’s less surplus of several items meaning that the supply doesn’t far outweigh the demand, making the user-made sales of those items worth more (and more likely to be purchased at the higher price because people may actually have more SC to spend on it anyhow).

Chirp - Lights Off

Posted 2021-02-22 19:34:09

Great idea. I fully support this. It's frustrating to not be able to get anything from both the raccoon, and the market

Jo Ann | G2-3 T3 Breeder

Posted 2021-03-06 16:06:46

support -

as is, sc is hard to come by and quick to go. most of the time, i have more gc than i do sc, which doesn't seem right since gc should be valued more. the lack of sc makes the gc value lesser, too.

we knew the economy would take a while to get stabilized from the beginning of this game, but it's taking longer because of these inhibitor features.

daffy ღ

Posted 2021-03-07 03:36:24 (edited)

Full support.

Users no longer really buy the excess food my hunters gather (despite being in a medium biome), and I can’t sell everything to the raccoon due to the cap, so a lot of food is at risk of getting rotten. Which is definitely a waste. Not too sure why I haven’t been able to sell the food to users, though. Maybe the hunting update wasn’t so bad as people made it out to be? (My sales dropped after the update).

Lifting (or raising!) the explore sc would be great too!


Posted 2021-09-16 19:55:11

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Thank you!

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