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Little Unicorns by Silvanon

Little Unicorns by Silvanon
Posted 2021-02-08 16:52:45 (edited)

Welcome to Little Unicorns, by me, Silvanon!  Little Unicorns are just that, little unicorns!  They are interested in exploring more of Wolvden, but they're also a little shy, so they've decided to each select a wolf friend I have up for sale, and follow that wolf to its new home.  Exploration via buddy system!

Cost for a Little Unicorn + wolf friend is 50 SC or 1 GC.

Note:  You don't have to keep the wolf after purchasing it to get your unicorn.  You can if you want to, though.


Unicorn Owners List   ::  Breeding Ticket Owners List  ::  Available Markings  ::  Little Unicorns: The Forms Thread

Here's how it works (the rules):

1. You can find Little Unicorns tagging along in the bios of wolves I've put up for sale.  You can purchase the Little Unicorn by buying the wolf it is accompanying. 

2. Once you have purchased the wolf & the unicorn, the unicorn belongs to you.  I will update the Owners List spreadsheet with your name & ID as the owner.  If you would like to name your unicorn, you can do so by posting the name & ID in this thread, and I'll update it on the spreadsheet.

3. Once you own a Little Unicorn, you may display the unicorn in your wolf bios, personal bio, etc.  If you do not own a Little Unicorn, you do not have permission to display it. 

4. You do not need to keep the wolf friend as part of your pack if you do not wish to.  You may resell it, chase it, keep it, whatever you like.  Reselling or chasing the wolf companion does not change your ownership of the Little Unicorn.  (Though, if you don't keep the wolf, I recommend grabbing your unicorn to display elsewhere first.)

5. Little Unicorns can be gifted and sold to other Wolvden players. Please see the Selling and Gifting section down below for more info.

6. Little Unicorns can be breed via a Breeding Ticket.  Please see the Breeding Tickets section down below for more info.

7. Little Unicorns are marked as either M or F on the owner spreadsheet, and also via the little colored dot on their image - blue for stallions and pink for mares.

8. Little Unicorns are based on a custom decor ("Unicorn Guardian") which I created and submitted to the site .  The decor is separate from this adoptable.  I'm the artist and creator for both.

A few examples:

Breeding Tickets

Every so often instead of coming with a Little Unicorn friend, a wolf will come with a Breeding Ticket.  Buying the wolf also buys you the ticket.  Breeding Tickets can be redeemed by filling out the Breeding Form (see below) and posting it in this thread.

Cost for a Breeding Ticket + wolf friend is 75 SC or 1 GC.

Rules for using a Breeding Ticket:

1. You must own a Breeding Ticket in order to use it.  Once you own a breeding ticket, you may use it whenever you like.  You may use multiple breeding tickets at the same time, provided you own them. Breeding Tickets can be redeemed by filling out the Breeding Form (see below) and posting it in Little Unicorns: The Forms Thread.  Once the Breeding Ticket has been used, it is used up and cannot be used again.

2. A successful breeding must be between a stallion and a mare.  

  -- You don't have to own the stallion and mare in question, but if you don't own them, the owner must post a Permission Form (see below) in Little Unicorns: The Forms Thread granting you permission to use their Little Unicorn in a breeding.  Once the breeding has gone through, the permission expires and a new permission would need to be posted for any future breedings using that Little Unicorn.

  -- People may charge a fee to let others use their Little Unicorns in breedings, if they desire.  Currently I am not setting any rules about what this fee can be.  However, we do need to abide by the Art Sale Rules set out by Wolvden in this post:  (see point 5 under Art Sale Rules)

  -- Do not pester people about using their Little Unicorns in breedings.  One inquiry message is fine.  Multiple messages, excessive haggling, begging, and so forth are not.  Anyone proven to be doing so will be banned from participating in Little Unicorn breedings and will forfeit the right to use any Breeding Ticket they have purchased.

3. Stallions have no limits in how many breedings they may be involved in.  Mares can be used in one breeding per month.  So for example, if I post a breeding using Mare #000 anytime in February, she can't be used in a breeding again until March 1st or later.

4. Breedings result in one foal.  Foals will generally display a random mix of parent's colors and markings, but rarely may also include new markings or colors.  Foals have a 1 in 5 chance of being a boy and a 4 in 5 chance of being a girl.

5. I make no guarantee about how fast I will complete a posted breeding, but I will do my best to be timely about it.

Breeding Form

Stallion (Name & ID):

Mare (Name & ID):

Ticket: Little Unicorn #__

Permission Form

Person you are giving permission to (Name & ID):

Little Unicorn you are giving permission for them to use in a breeding (Name & ID):

Selling and Gifting

Owners of Little Unicorns and unused Breeding Tickets may gifted or sell unicorns and tickets they own to other Wolvden players according to the rules below. 

Rules for Selling and Gifting

1. In order for a gifting or sale to be valid, an Ownership Transfer Form (see below) must be posted in Little Unicorns: The Forms Thread by the original owner.  The sale or gifting is completed once I have updated the Owners List using the Ownership Transfer form.

2. Any Little Unicorn may be sold or gifted as long as it is not involved in a breeding that is currently pending.  A pending breeding is one where the breeding form and/or permissions have been posted, but I have not yet created and posted the resulting foal.  Once the foal is posted in this thread, the breeding is complete and any involved Little Unicorns may be sold or gifted.  Breeding Tickets may be sold or gifted if they are unused.  Once used (a Breeding Form using them has been posted), Breeding Tickets may not be sold or gifted. 

3. Currently I am not setting any rules about what unicorns and tickets can be sold for.  However, we do need to abide by the Art Sale Rules set out by Wolvden in this post:  (see point 5 under Art Sale Rules)

4. Anyone proven to be scamming or attempting to scam others via Little Unicorns related sales will be banned from selling or breeding Little Unicorns.

5. I Hereby give permission for owners of little unicorns and breeding tickets to advertise their unicorns & tickets for sale in this thread should they desire to do so.  I'm also fine with owners advertising their unicorns for sale elsewhere on Wolvden, so long as it follows Wolvden's rules.

Ownership Transfer Form

Little Unicorn or Breeding Ticket you are transferring:

Person you are transferring ownership to (Name & ID):


Posted 2021-02-08 16:52:57 (edited)

Currently Going On

Blue dot - Stallion  ***  Pink dot - Mare

Unicorns For Sale

None currently - more coming soon!

Breeding Tickets For Sale  

None currently - more coming soon!

Games and Events

Custom Raffle Rules -  Currently Closed

Franken Game Rules - Currently Closed

Breeding Ticket Raffle Rules - Currently Closed


Posted 2021-02-08 18:16:01

This is super cute! <3

Chirp - Lights Off

Posted 2021-02-08 21:33:22

I love this idea so much!!


Posted 2021-02-08 21:34:58

so cute.  wonderful idea. i love unicorns 


Posted 2021-02-09 11:01:19

so cute <3


Posted 2021-02-09 11:08:23

I wanna post my gals on toyhouse, where would you want me to credit you?


Posted 2021-02-09 12:46:13

Roadkill - good question.  I'm not familiar with toyhouse, so take your pick of what would be most appropriate - either linking to this thread, to my wolvden profile, or to my personal website where I am hosting the images -


Posted 2021-02-09 12:52:16

@ silvannon  #32820

to get a little unicorn all i have to do is to buy a wolf pup? 

do you plan on making more after this batch? 


Posted 2021-02-09 12:55:46 (edited)

magicwhitewolf  - yup, just purchase any wolf I have up for sale with Little Unicorn in the name, and the attached unicorn is yours!   And yes, I will absolutely be making more.  I've got a whole cave of sale wolves I need to make unicorns for, and I intend to continue making a unicorn for each wolf I put up for sale.


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