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Tree Carvings Rules

Tree Carvings Rules
Posted 2020-09-25 00:36:32 /

As a heavily art-based site, Wolvden encourages players from all artistic backgrounds to share their talents.  We greatly value the effort of artists, no matter what their medium may be: digital, traditional, photography, HTML/CSS, writing, and so on.  We also fully respect the rights of artists.  Before you dabble in sharing art or opening a creative shop on Wolvden, please review this topic.  By creating a Wolvden account, you automatically agree to the following rules.

1. General Art Rules

  1. All artistic media that is posted or sold on Wolvden must be suitable for a 16-year-old audience as well as follow all of Wolvden's site rules.  These rules include our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.
    1. You cannot offer to create, sell, or buy NSFW/18+ media whatsoever.  This includes anything depicting smut or sexual content.  You cannot require players to PM you to discuss NSFW media sales.  You cannot redirect players to another site or service to discuss NSFW media sales (e.g. "For NSFW art, DM me on Discord").  Do not attempt to circumvent this rule, as we take it extremely seriously.  16 and 17-year-old players are considered to be minors, and you do not know if you are creating an 18+ work for someone that is under 18.  In short: don't offer NSFW media at all.
    2. You cannot require proof of age to verify if someone is 18+.  This is in violation of our privacy policy.
    3. You cannot post artistic media that contains uncensored nudity, pornography, adult situations, illegal activity, etc.
    4. You cannot link to other sites (including art galleries) that publicly display uncensored nudity, pornography, adult situations, illegal activity, etc.  If you are linking to another site, these images must be locked behind an NSFW/18+ filter.  You are required to include a disclaimer that you are linking to another site that may contain NSFW media.
    5. The only circumstance in which we allow nudity in artistic media is if it is properly censored and is not sexualised.  You cannot edit black censorship bars over a pornographic piece of art and call it a day—it is still inappropriate and NSFW even with a censor.
    6. This rule includes writing (lore, short stories, novels, etc.).  If your work contains inappropriate, illegal, or highly triggering subjects, you may not post it on Wolvden.
  2. You cannot post media that you did not personally create or media that was not created specifically for you.
    1. Artistic media that has been traced from stock photos, your own personal photos, or a commissioner's personal photos can be posted, so long as the stock photos are free-to-use or you have paid for the rights to use them.  You are required to link to the original source and credit the original creator of the photo.  Tracing is acceptable as an art practice so long as references and/or credit links to the original photography are made and you are not making any profit from the piece.
    2. Photomanipulations are not allowed unless all photos used are free-to-use or stock photography and all credit is given back to the photographer(s).  You can only use photomanipulations for your own profile.  They cannot be sold or profited off of.
  3. If your media was done in collaboration with another artist, the other involved artist(s) must be credited for their work and contribution.
  4. If you are doing free (non-profit) recolours using media that was not created by you (free lineart, bases, etc.), you must provide a visible credit back to the original source where the artist states their art is free-to-use.  The artist must be properly credited, which means their name must be clearly visible within your topic.
    1. Even if the artist states their free-to-use media can be sold or profited off of, our Tree Carvings Rules state otherwise.  Do not sell or profit off of free-to-use media.  This includes hinting or outright asking for donations or tips.
  5. Crediting an artist has to be done by linking back to the original source of their media.  You cannot credit an artist by saying, "Credit belongs to the original artist!"—this is not a valid way to credit someone.

2. Art Sale Rules

  1. You cannot sell media that uses official copyrighted Lioden Ltd assets.  This includes both Wolvden and Lioden art, assets, and imagery.  These assets are not yours to modify and you do not have permission to profit off of them—not for SC, GC, wolves, real life currency, or otherwise.
    1. The one exception to this rule is for free or paid HTML/CSS layouts which are to be used only on Wolvden itself.
    2. You cannot modify the Wolvden logo in any way, shape, or form.  This includes adjusting its colours with a filter, editing the logo to say something else, hiding the logo, or replacing the logo with another image altogether.  Whether you are offering free or paid HTML/CSS layouts, the Wolvden logo must be left exactly as is.
    3. You are welcome to offer free (non-profit) edits of Lioden Ltd assets, such as editing text onto a wolf headshot, putting together a visual "family tree", etc.  Credit must still be fully given back to Lioden Ltd.
    4. You are permitted to buy or sell wolf designs made within the Wolf Wardrobe in exchange for Wolvden assets only.
  2. You cannot sell art that you did not personally create.
    1. One exception to this is if you are collaborating with another artist on Wolvden.  The artist must post on your topic with their full permission and express that players will enjoy their share of the art, whether they receive profit or not upon agreement.
      Collaborations: Artists that let you use their art for profit or are actively part of an art project must have an account on Wolvden.  Permission must be granted by the original artist within the art sale topic in question, even if they receive no profit from the project.  The permission from the artist needs to be clearly visible within the topic so that our staff may confirm they are indeed the original artist.  The artist can create a Wolvden account specifically for this purpose if they do not already have one.
    2. Another exception will be allowed in the case of an artist selling bases and/or linearts with permission given to resell.  Any buyers of their bases and/or linearts must mention the original artist and link back to their topic within their main post.  We also require that the artist of the bases and/or linearts post on the buyer's sales topic, just as with the collaboration situation—they must link back to their topic for confirmation and approve the resale.  Again, all players involved must have an account on Wolvden.
  3. Copied, gridded, eyeballed, heavily-referenced, traced, and/or stolen media in any form is not allowed to be sold or profited off of.
    1. Do not trace media (art, photos, or otherwise) and sell it off or pull it off as your own.
    2. You cannot sell photomanipulations.
    3. You cannot sell gridded images.  This is defined as putting a grid over an image and copying it square-for-square onto another canvas.
    4. You cannot trace artwork or photos, draw over them, or "eyeball" them and sell them as your own.  This is still considered as a copy of a copyrighted piece of media, and we do not allow it to be sold or profited off of on Wolvden.  It does not matter if the media owner's consent is given—we cannot give exceptions.  Do not use Wolvden to sell this type of art.
    5. You cannot sell creations from "adoptable", "custom creator", or "doll maker" tools.  This is not your art to sell.
    6. You cannot sell bases or linearts that you did not create yourself (see bullet 2 of "2. Art Sale Rules" for exceptions).
  4. Physical media sales are forbidden, no exceptions.  These sales require you to have or ask for the buyer's personal information, including their real name and residential/mailing address.  This is a violation of our privacy policy.
    1. You cannot advertise your personal businesses or other artists' personal businesses.  Posting a link to your Etsy or RedBubble shop on your profile page is okay; however, you cannot advertise these shops in the chat room, on the forums, or through PMs.
  5. You are allowed to sell your media only for Wolvden assets (currency, items, wolves) and real life currency.  You cannot sell your media for assets or currency used on other sites.
    1. This includes assets or currency used on other browser-based games as well as assets or currency used on other sites or services in general (DeviantArt Points, Discord Nitro, Steam games, etc.).
    2. The one exception to this rule would be invite codes.  You are permitted to trade or offer art in exchange for invite codes codes.  Keep in mind that this is limited to art only—you cannot exchange Wolvden assets for invite codes.
    3. Cross-site trading between Lioden and Wolvden is strictly forbidden.  You cannot sell your media on Wolvden in exchange for Lioden assets.
    4. All real life currency transactions must be taken through PMs.  You cannot post your email addresses publicly, nor can you ask or require a player to post theirs publicly.  Wolvden will not be held responsible for any random players getting your email address due to you posting it in the open, and we will not be held responsible for any players scamming or running off with your money.  You are taking your own risk when giving money to other players in exchange for art online.  Any and all scam reports must go through your payment provider (CashApp, PayPal, Stripe, etc.), your debit/credit card company, or your banking company.  Wolvden and its staff members are not responsible for any loss of real life currency (with the Grove being the only exception).
  6. Buying or selling art of copyrighted or trademarked franchises (e.g. Pokemon, The Lion King, etc.) is done at your own risk, so long as it is not copied, traced, or stolen artwork.  We consider this as fanart and inspiration, to a degree.  Wolvden will not be held responsible for any legal ramifications that may result from sales of art regarding characters that do not belong to you.
  7. Keep all deal/transaction discussions and agreements on Wolvden only.  It may be more convenient for you to discuss the details of a transaction off-site, but know that if your transaction goes awry and you cannot provide any on-site evidence or proof of an agreement, Wolvden's staff team will not be able to help you.  We can only moderate what happens on Wolvden.  In order for a transaction to be completely safe and secure for all parties involved, it is crucial to keep discussions on Wolvden, whether in public forums or private messages.

3. Adoptables, Designs, and Original Characters

You may sell adoptables, designs, and original characters that you have bought, created, or collaborated on, with all requirements outlined in our rules above and below.

  1. You may give away and resell adoptables, designs, and original characters that you have purchased on Wolvden, under the following strict terms:
    1. The original artist and owner of the adoptables, designs, and/or original characters has a post in their own topic stating that they allow gifting and reselling.
    2. The original artist and owner of the adoptables, designs, and/or original characters posts on your sales topic with their permission that you can give away or resell the art in question.
    3. You credit the original artist and owner of the adoptables, designs, and/or original characters on your sales topic.
    4. The adoptables, designs, and/or original characters do not come with additional art created by other artists.  If you alone created every piece of additional art for an adoptable, design, or original character, you are permitted to continue with the sale.  If even one piece of art was created by another artist, you cannot continue with the sale.  Selling another artist's work requires their permission, and in the case of an adoptable, design, and/or original character with dozens of pieces of art, this is simply not feasible for Wolvden's staff to moderate.
  2. You may not give away or resell adoptables, designs, and/or original characters that you have not purchased on Wolvden.  We have no way to contact the original artist to see if they are okay with their art being given away or resold.  Please limit this strictly to art purchased on Wolvden only.
  3. Should we be contacted by an artist that feels their art was sold without permission, we will treat this as art resale/theft.
  4. If we see a player who continuously recolours free linearts or bases and sells them as adoptables, designs, and/or original characters in a repetitive manner, we will treat this as breaking one of the principal rules of selling art that you did not create with your own hands.  This is not allowed.  you are only allowed to use another artist's base or lineart if they give you the rights to, and the art must have a Wolvden account along with posting their express permission on your sales topic.

Disclaimer: These rules may be added to, changed, or outright removed in the future.  When a change is made to this topic, it will be announced within the Recent Game Updates area as well as in a future news post.  We cannot predict every situation or topic before it occurs.

This member is an Admin. Katze

Posted 2020-12-11 12:02:38 /

Thank you!

Comrade Vektor

Posted 2021-01-01 06:21:24 /
Is it allowed to commission art unrelated to Wolvden for Wolvden currency? And separately, would it be allowed to include additional conditions, such as "must be posted on Deviantart, must include so-and-so description"?
✨The Bone Fairy✨ (she)

Posted 6 days ago /

Hey, quick question! The dreamlands is a gorgeous concept, so is it alright to sketch some OC's inspired by such? No tracing and the like, obviously, but it would be inspired by the original artwork. Is this alright?