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Original Adoptables & Recolours

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
A Cryptid's Recolors | Holiday YCH | OPEN GrimCryptidGrimCryptid bumped 1 hour ago12
Ulrich's corner - Funny YCH! Knight.UlrichKnight.Ulrich replied 4 hours ago14
| Winglessdragons adopt shop | Open! Wingless dragonWingless dragon bumped 8 hours ago7
[OPEN] Bundled Up Babes [Painted Puppy YWH] VulpiidaeAthena 🎄 replied 14 hours ago27
Wo1fB1ight's YWH | Open 🟢 Wo1fB1ightWo1fB1ight bumped 20 hours ago8
Jester's Wolf Adoptables!! 🃏Jester🃏Miz replied 21 hours ago37
✧ lime's adopt shop ✧ new november designs !! 🐾 limedevilslimedevils bumped 1 day ago59
xirouta's adoptables ☽ all reserved / taken xiroutaRhen replied 1 day ago34
COOLGUYS ADOPTS!! (2/2 available) cool guycool guy bumped 2 days ago6
Coolguys adopts and bases (open!) cool guycool guy bumped 2 days ago14
◼️Srinyx's YWH Shop◼️ 16 bases available! [CLOSED] Srinyx💙🐾Montana🐾💙 bumped 2 days ago667
Sammi's Scribbles and Doodles (All slots taken!) xxmissingxxxxmissingxx replied 2 days ago25
[ YCH ] EPIC!!! WOLF!!! ICON!!! with different options of ambience and lighting! FefefafaFefefafa replied 3 days ago13
fizzy’s adopt shop (NEW 11/3) fizzydedboidevil replied 3 days ago15
Wolf adopt batches! starrvoiddXhayo_ replied 3 days ago1
✧ lime's YCH shop ✧ NEW HOLIDAY YCH !! limedevilslimedevils bumped 3 days ago7
★I'll draw your wolf's head(CLOSED)★ marфа/marfamarфа/marfa replied 4 days ago7
PWYW Canine YCH! (🟢3/3 open🟢) 💙🐾Montana🐾💙💙🐾Montana🐾💙 bumped 4 days ago21
🔴 CLOSED 0/3 -- ✧Acari's Wolf YCH✧ °✧ Acari ✧°pearl_fox replied 6 days ago289
Nothing’s Adoptables! (Shop open) NothingNothing bumped 6 days ago9
🦀 Misty’s YCH’s 🦀 [YCHs Closed Temporarily] Misty [Semi Hiatus]Misty [Semi Hiatus] bumped 1 week ago0
⭐️ Symmetrical wolf headshots! ⭐️ Closed SeniweniSeniweni bumped 1 week ago28
Design/character Purge! Xhayo_Xhayo_ replied 1 week ago9
Kibis’ Adoptables Open 8 Adopts KibiscaRebbystar replied 1 week ago70
🔴Charmie's Adorptables!! (adorable adoptables 😅)(CLOSED) Charmie💙🐾Montana🐾💙 bumped 2023-11-22 19:32:3034