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⚜️PAUSED - Saving For Future Stud⚜️

⚜️PAUSED - Saving For Future Stud⚜️
Posted 2023-11-27 13:19:02 (edited)
Looking for a new stud! The one I already have in the running is THIS GUY, so the wolf you offer should be better than him (according to the things on this list). If you have my ideal stud, I have plenty of GC to offer as well as base and mutie applicators (can offer up to 500GC in value, although higher than 250GC likely needs to be some sort of mutie or mutie carrier).

- G1
- 1 Shaded or Tamaskan Unders marking in slots 4-10
- Male or sex-changeable

Highly Valued
- Melanism/Albinism CARRIER
- Steel Blue/Storm Eyes
- Shaded/Smoke/Cougar/Opossum/Manicou markings in BLACK
- Tamaskan/Inuit/Sallander markings in WHITE
- Stats (taken into account with age— I'd rather have a 200 stat yearling than a 600 stat 4 year old)

- Other mutation CARRIER
- Smoke/Inuit Unders/Cougar/Opossum/Manicou Markings
- Auburn/Diera/Doubloon/Shedua/Zircon Markings
- Raffle/BO/Special NBW eyes
- Natural look

Nice (a good bonus, but not as important as higher things on the list)
- TIII Muted Base
- Caribou Base
- Grulla Base
- Pie/Patches Mutation (if the wolf doesn't have it, I can apply it, other things that I can't apply like BO markings are more valuable)

Indifferent (I won't pay more for these things as I'll likely remove them)
- Merle
- Panda
- Bright/Unnatural markings
- Bright/Unnatural eyes/nose/claws

I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE black shaded & white tamaskan unders


Posted 2023-11-27 14:51:15 (edited)
save in case


Posted 2023-12-02 13:08:26 (edited)
Hello! I have this NBW if you're interested ^^



Posted 2023-12-07 08:12:53
@arvid thank you for offering! unfortunately, he doesn't have quite enough traits to beat out my current guy, thank you though!


Posted 2023-12-07 12:36:33
Not sure if you're interested bc he'll need a lot of additions to match your current guy but I have this dark hazel eyed fella with white tamas and a cool look!

Shiba [pie shark nbw]

Posted 2023-12-07 13:18:36
@shiba I actually made the decision a few hours ago to commit to my current guy as my stud for now, but I was eyeballing your trade of him earlier— he's gorgeous, what a find

if no one snaps him up as a stud soon, I might be tempted to grab him & sex-change ^^


Posted 2023-12-09 07:37:50 (edited)
Hello, i have this 1 Gen Blueschist with clay eyes and white tamaskan unders Yearling( currently the first and only 1 in game)


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