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Wanted: Wolves

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
Lf moonlight or any other event wolf h:400sc Flair_the_red_dragonFlair_the_red_dragon bumped 6 hours ago0
LF for a female with high Smarts/ Wisdom to reverse stud ThalassaThalassa bumped 9 hours ago4
ISO Cheap G2/NBW Wolves! [25-500SC range] ClementineClementine bumped 21 hours ago0
Raise the Future (LF. Pups/Adols read desc.) Rise0fthePhoenixFrisk replied 1 day ago3
LF: unwanted wolves demonroast (he/him)Frisk replied 1 day ago9
Need F luna base wolf ScorchleavesScorchleaves bumped 1 day ago0
LF pretty wolves! (T2+) HearteaterZira replied 1 day ago12
WANTED: Cool-Based Tier II & Tier III Females for Reverse Breeding! [ALWAYS OPEN] Evil 馃拃Evil 馃拃 bumped 1 day ago40
LF Natural looking wolves NoctisRise0fthePhoenix replied 1 day ago9
LF: Higher Stat G2 Lead Heir LythariLythari bumped 2 days ago2
Needing Female AyumiAyumi posted 2 days ago0
LF: Pastel Wolves RainRain posted 2 days ago0
Looking for a clean TIII Wolf! 馃尮xxDagNabbitxx 馃尮Snowcat13 馃尀 replied 2 days ago7
ISO Around 750sts NBW female! 馃挋馃尮饾摜饾摦饾摲饾摥饾摦饾摻饾摻饾摢馃尮馃挋鉂ゐ煂桂潛ヰ潛潛佛潛潛潛金潛金潛煂光潳 bumped 2 days ago0
Closed 馃挋馃尮饾摜饾摦饾摲饾摥饾摦饾摻饾摻饾摢馃尮馃挋鉂ゐ煂桂潛ヰ潛潛佛潛潛潛金潛金潛煂光潳 replied 2 days ago6
LF: Wolves w/ color palette or vibes as CW's Supernatural characters H: 6K SC to use AphorismAphorism posted 2 days ago0
Looking for wolves with specific markings! Hearteaterreggie replied 3 days ago11
LF: heterochromia G1 and G2 wolves Princeps Cretaceus鈾Princeps Cretaceus鈾 bumped 3 days ago2
LF: Brachy carrier to stud to SorenBRUT replied 4 days ago1
LF: low gen red wings and black wings yuliLythari replied 4 days ago1
LF - New Lead Wolf [Female - T3 - NIB - Low Gen - PRETTY!] Paying Top Dollar! CatLisitsa replied 5 days ago3
LF: Natural Looking Wolves! :) [PAUSED] 馃尰馃尵Rowan馃尵馃尰ink [naturals] replied 5 days ago115
LF: Cool colored adult female wolf with high stats (New Player!!) PoseidonLionel replied 5 days ago4
LF: Mels, Albinos, Carriers, Brachy carriers 馃尲 Hayley 馃尲Shadow replied 6 days ago15
LF 500+ Stat Puppies KeldBlizzardOfDeath replied 1 week ago8