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Wanted: Wolves

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
Lf: girls that match my lead! doge fruitAzavea replied 1 hour ago2
Chased NBW Wolf Trade! Ursus_ArctosUrsus_Arctos bumped 5 hours ago0
LF: Holly eye NBW EmbersEmbers bumped 5 hours ago0
Looking for a pretty brown male wolf (clean and short gen) RosalieUva replied 5 hours ago7
LF: Female wolves Tabby CatTypsyGrapes replied 6 hours ago15
LF: black and white NBW headacheflowerMyria replied 6 hours ago1
LF: Natural Looking Wolf O: Gold Cones poppiesoniceπ–‡π–—π–žπ–“π–†π–‰π–Š replied 10 hours ago7
LF: A mate for my new lead CorrieCorrie bumped 10 hours ago3
I have some wolves I don't want anymore they are being put on a trade Ashed snowfallAshed snowfall posted 10 hours ago0
Looking for (strictly) female yellow and pink wolves RosalieRosalie posted 23 hours ago0
β€ΌοΈβž–NBW BOUNTY! LF ISO: RAFFLE EYE OR CARRIER IRON NBW!!βž–β€ΌοΈ DeeOGeebbyDeeOGeebby bumped 1 day ago0
MODS ; PLEASE DELETE! CowboyLavaLampCowboyLavaLamp bumped 1 day ago0
Delete β˜Ύβ€’ Ace β€’β˜½β˜Ύβ€’ Ace β€’β˜½ bumped 1 day ago0
[LF] Black/Dark & Brown/Blue Wolves KetchumUva replied 2 days ago4
literally any pup with red carnage<closed> Shuichi WorshipperShuichi Worshipper replied 2 days ago5
Looking for pretty Tombac/Moss/Airglow/Selene wolves! Battle_BurritoBattle_Burrito bumped 3 days ago2
Looking For Natural Studs! + Masterlist CrownOfRosesCrownOfRoses replied 3 days ago35
LF: Black with white merle! Shuichi WorshipperShuichi Worshipper replied 3 days ago5
🌈LF: G2 T3 piebald MaeleeveMaeleeve bumped 3 days ago0
LF: (unwanted) inbred or very high gen (10+) T3/T* based wolves AdoraπŸŒ™AdoraπŸŒ™ replied 3 days ago8
LF: Natural Wolves LeezeyMaeleeve replied 3 days ago7
delete robbdentiarobbdentia posted 4 days ago0
Project:Naturals LF: Wolves cosmokiddMaeleeve replied 4 days ago14
LF: NBW 1yo with 280+ stats +novus eyes/carrier O: Up to 350GC β™‘ Purple β™‘β™‘ Purple β™‘ bumped 4 days ago7
LF FULLY TRAINED SCOUTS WildestLostSoulUva replied 4 days ago1