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Wanted: Wolves

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
LF: TIII Swap Have: TIII Serpentine Pup AkaniAkani bumped 43 minutes ago0
pick a pup 🐺Riverside pack🐺🐺Riverside pack🐺 bumped 1 hour ago9
LF NIB Pup: HIGH STATS (450+) + Min. 7+ RARE Markings + Under 1yr + 2/3 Gen | Any Gender and Base TrixksTrixks bumped 1 hour ago0
LF merle wolves, no big names, NIB ✾ Mafufu ✾DeerClove replied 2 hours ago6
LF: G2/G3 pups/adols ZoeZoe bumped 3 hours ago28
LF: Chaser Studs LionelDogBlud replied 3 hours ago8
W: High Stat Pups TayTay posted 5 hours ago0
LF: Pastel and colorbomb wolves! LawlieLawlie posted 5 hours ago0
Show me your HIGH STAT pups for SALE! KeanuWaffleSyrup 🧇 replied 6 hours ago3
LF: High Stat, Low Heritage Wolves LuyeneWaffleSyrup 🧇 replied 6 hours ago7
looking for CONFIRMED CARRIER :|: MANY items + GC! <<UPDATED>> woetewoete replied 7 hours ago56
LF: An NBW carrier! O: Two TIIIs with special eyes 🦊 Juniper || Chatdoggo🦊 Juniper || Chatdoggo bumped 7 hours ago0
LF: G4 or less, 300+ stat, T2 Young Females mitiaSnowcat13 🌞 replied 7 hours ago5
LF: ≤ Gen2 NIB Glass-Eyed Albino/Melan or A/M Mutie Carrier ☀️🧿 ꜱʏᴠᴇɴɪᴇɴ 🧿☀️☀️🧿 ꜱʏᴠᴇɴɪᴇɴ 🧿☀️ bumped 8 hours ago0
LF: NBW T2 Monochrome Medium/Dark FEMALES Kiki 🌺 [T3 Breeder]Kiki 🌺 [T3 Breeder] bumped 8 hours ago6
I want to expand my wolf hoard! StarlingStarling replied 9 hours ago103
LF 🌚 GOTH PUPPIES | low gen • monochrome • high stat 💸 ᓚᘏᗢᓚᘏᗢ bumped 12 hours ago18
LF: Warm Medium TII - UNKNOWN PARENTS Max GarnerEvadne [Polish Wolves] replied 12 hours ago1
W: Lethal mutation swap? Polycephaly - Polymelia Graciegra | T3 BreederGraciegra | T3 Breeder bumped 14 hours ago0
I need your help! 💫Andromeda Eternal💫Wolfink bumped 16 hours ago76
🏜️ Looking for coyote looking wolves! 🏜️ ZalaSlyZalaSly bumped 16 hours ago59
🐺 Looking for a conjoined twin mutie! 🐺 stefaniestefanie bumped 18 hours ago0
🐺🐺 Looking For: G1 & G2 Monochrome Light Wolves DumplingSezzas replied 20 hours ago2
LF: Warm Medium TII - UNKNOWN PARENTS Max GarnerMax Garner replied 21 hours ago8
LF: Warm Dark T2 FEMALE Adols and Puppies (G2 and below) Paying 2gc ea [Reused Thread] WolfbeatsxWolfbeatsx bumped 1 day ago20