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Wanted: Items

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
LF: Lunar Deer Mouse & Lunar Newt decor Celtic RavensCeltic Ravens bumped 1 hour ago0
LF: USA Maine background (Conf forest!) RoxanneRoxanne bumped 3 hours ago0
WANTED: FOX PELTS, TAILS & HEALING SALVES 【Atlas】[5/59 GC]【Atlas】[5/59 GC] bumped 9 hours ago12
LF Quail Trail crafting or buying AmberWolfAmberWolf bumped 14 hours ago3
LF: Canine Fangs and Claws CoyoteaLin Fox replied 15 hours ago7
LF: Recipes! Of: SC/GC [Crafting Services Also Available] Scouting for BootyScouting for Booty bumped 19 hours ago48
(Closed!) Looking to Trade Conif. Background for Other BG KatieKatie replied 21 hours ago4
🦋Seeking: Butterflies! 🦋 BarghestCas replied 22 hours ago18
BUYING YOUR EVENT APPLICATORS |:| trophies, apps, fox drops, crafting, gc, and more! woetewoete bumped 1 day ago168
Crafting recipes I Want (long-term) Kuro RyuKuro Ryu bumped 1 day ago3
Wanted : Sex Changer NecroticAnubis 𖤐 (he/she)NecroticAnubis 𖤐 (he/she) bumped 1 day ago0
Trading doves Pigeonss (They/Them) ♿Pigeonss (They/Them) ♿ bumped 1 day ago0
LF: No longer looking for fox app materials, thank you everyone <3 BerenosBerenos replied 1 day ago3
🖤 LF: Grove Items for Breeding Project - Offering Refunded Breedings and/or GC 🖤 CarrieCarrie bumped 2 days ago3
Medicine Herbs NoellaNoella posted 2 days ago0
LF: Fox Base materials & Decor items! ArcticFoxeJet🌸 replied 3 days ago3
Have some extra decor you don't want/need? TappiØka ☕︎︎ˎˊ˗TappiØka ☕︎︎ˎˊ˗ bumped 3 days ago7
Searching for feathers! NoellaNoella posted 3 days ago0
LF: Ellesmere Island Background AakaAaka replied 3 days ago6
LF: New Backgrounds Recipes [CLOSED] ZαɱραZαɱρα bumped 4 days ago0
LF: Shortgrass Prairie BG! epochSilver replied 5 days ago3
I am looking for a Turkey Tom carcass MiaFood? replied 1 week ago1
Need Duck Feather full uses Lin FoxLin Fox replied 1 week ago2
LF: Biome Specific Raccoon Decor! RemmieKatie replied 1 week ago6
Closed 🍂 Bestla🍂 B e s t l a 🍂 replied 1 week ago11