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Wanted: Items

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
LF: Cynthia Marking Applicator [SWAP] HaskullHaskull posted 2 hours ago0
LF - Canine fangs, Canine Claws, Wolf tail Remnants, and glowing spores ThereIsNoDoor (NC)Haskull replied 4 hours ago1
Looking for Wild Toucans and Rattlesnake Den recipes! Offering apps, currency, rare items, etc. StrawfishStrawfish bumped 20 hours ago0
🦊Kitsune House Raffle: Exchange Fox items for refunded breeds! 🦊 ShiniShini bumped 1 day ago51
Selling Any Influenza Cures NightRavenNightRaven posted 2 days ago0
Lf: Lunar Event Item CocoaCocoa bumped 2 days ago0
LF: Willa, Dera, or Chariot decor SeomarSeomar replied 2 days ago6
LF: 1 full use Stoat Carcass HereticHeretic posted 2 days ago0
LF: 2x Roadrunner feathers VexVex replied 2 days ago2
LF: Recipes! 🏳️‍🌈TXBM🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈TXBM🏳️‍🌈 bumped 2 days ago3
LF: Tundra Wares O: SC pwuppyxo🌾Tabby Cat replied 3 days ago2
Marking Opacity Changer x2 GalaxyGlaxy_Comet posted 3 days ago0
✨ Swifty's Search ✨Currently LF: Recipes, Trophies, & other materials!! SwiftSilence98[ON HIATUS]*ੈ✩ Phyx0tic.bxby *ੈ✩‧₊˚ replied 4 days ago69
LF: Healing Salves HaskullHaskull posted 4 days ago0
rotting carcass MockingjayRisingMockingjayRising replied 4 days ago2
Looking for Glacier Lunar Shoppe Items: paying GC Werewolf!Werewolf! bumped 5 days ago0
Selling Lunar Tears! 10 LT: 1 GC/400 SC (OPEN) 🐾 🌿 Robin ☯︎🐾 🌿 Robin ☯︎ bumped 5 days ago20
3rd gen Badgers for decor items / amusement / apps —OPEN— WillowWillow bumped 5 days ago8
Desperately need TOBACCO / FLEA remedy Kitten𖤍𓆩S̶u̶l̶l̶e̶n̶ 𓆪𖤍 replied 5 days ago1
Buying event applicators | Pure GC, always open! Cleome (Maddie) 🦉🏜️𖤍𓆩S̶u̶l̶l̶e̶n̶ 𓆪𖤍 replied 5 days ago51
Buying Lunar Tears [Open] 🔥 💥 Slothie❄ Sylvie™ replied 5 days ago496
☀️ Collecting Recipes ☀️ reggiereggie replied 5 days ago13
LF amusment OF breeding ti G2 T* pie cloudtailJordan replied 5 days ago1
LF - GC for Passion Eye Applicator ThereIsNoDoor (NC)ThereIsNoDoor posted 6 days ago0
LF: Todd squipsquip replied 6 days ago1