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CampbellCat #88841

Howlo everyone!
Pronouns are she/her/hers
I love all animals, but wolves are my favorite wild canines.
Things I really want:
A piebald wolf (preferably bred) -- COMPLETED
Identical twins-- completed
More GC (LOL)
Conjoined twins (once I have more GC and can afford to immortalize wolves)
Stuff I have in my Wishlist.
More marking or base apps-- Got Some
Would also like any of the fox companion decor because I love foxes too-- achieved some
Breed some sort of mutation-- COMPLETED (BRED MELE AND PIE MUTIES)
A Caribou-based wolf
Member Information
Name CampbellCat
Pack Forest Flame Pack
Pack Leader Caelum
Joined 2022-09-16
Last Active 1 hour ago
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