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⛧Mild Complacency⛧'s Wishlist

This is ⛧Mild Complacency⛧'s Wishlist - a list of all the items they desire! If you are feeling generous, you may wish to gift one or more of these items to this member!

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(Glowing) Star Strings
Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there? (Works best on dark backgrounds!)
Adonis’s Pride
Bright cracks of shining blue and brilliant orange course through your wolf’s pelt. (Requested by #27066)
Note: 700 SC & 5 GC (or 7 GC)
Andromeda's Sight
Your wolf has seen things that have changed them forever......
Note: 700 SC & 5 GC (or 8 GC)
Atavori's Sunlight
Take up the marks of Atavori, whose sacred light dapples her pelt and glows as warmly as the light of the sun. [Recolour requested by #27930]
Note: 2000 SC & 5 GC (or 8 GC)
Blood of the Immortal Enemy
Do you fear the consequences of vanquishing the undead? (Commissioned by #27549)
Note: 2300 SC & 5 GC (or 10 GC)
Blue Moon
Blue Moon isn't really blue - it's just another full moon within one month! This item appears in Raccoon Wares every month featuring two full moons (in real life). (This refers to Calendar Blue Moon event).
Budding Corruption
Is your wolf turning into a Heartless?
Note: 800 SC & 5 GC (or 7 GC)
Collar of teeth
Stop running with scissors.
Note: 600 SC & 5 GC (or 10 GC)
Corrupted Hallow
Rotting corruption that starts from the inside.
Corruption Eyes
They say eyes are a window to the soul--what do these eyes say about your wolf? [Default pose only for the moment, more will be added until hopefully all are complete!]
Death Spirit
Is he a friend or an enemy. Can you trust him? Decide what you do and find out.
Death Tree
Honor the past ...
Digital Cryptid
Sightings of a dangerous č̸̯̦̠̊ṙ̶͖͑y̸̜͛̀̈́p̴̢̍ṯ̴̈̉ḭ̸̐d̶̯͕̩̒̃ have been reported. Do you think that's the one?
Divine Extensions [Black]
The fur grows longer and creates mystical swirls as it flows in the air. Reminiscent of celestial origin.
Note: 450 SC & 5 GC (or 10 GC)
Expression: Toothy
What shiny teeth you have.
Note: 650 SC & 5 GC (or 8 GC)