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Rebbystar #97149

Hey there. The name is Rebbystar or Rebby for short.

I'm an aspiring thespian, wannabe writer, and an addict when it comes to fantasy games like Genshin Impact and Dungeons & Dragons. I also like a whole lot of other fandoms in general, particularly those that have to do with Nintendo and a book series or two (Hell, this pack's naming style was somewhat inspired by Warriors--). También hablo español, pues soy Cubana-Americana. I'm two hours ahead of Wolvden's time.

If you're looking for some writing commissions by any chance, check out my shop here; the English language is quite a ride that I enjoy making the most out of. I've also got an AO3 account that I post on every now and then, which you can check out here. (:

So yeah, thanks for giving this a read. Hope to see some of y'all around. That's all folks!

(P.S, I sell items for hella cheap because this economy is busted and folks shouldn't have to waste so much SC on stuff--)

Also, here's some artwork of my first breeding male, Gilded Light! He was drawn by the lovely Frisk#13714! Check them out on my friend list.
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Name Rebbystar
Pack Highland Howlers
Pack Leader Volta’s Vestige
Joined 2022-10-09
Last Active 2024/02/16 08:18:52
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