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AntoineDythe the grandpa #94807

Hello, I'm a 18 Years old guy and I must apologies if I sound rude, cold or weird with my messages I don't know how to interact with people and for not being able to fully understand English. Some friends call me grandpa or grand-père

If you need anything you can tell me and I'll help you out (as long as I don't have to explain things, otherwise I'm screwed)

Don't give me choices I can't make them, I follow the flow and that's all

I love learning about survivalism, if you got any tip I'll be happy to talk about it

Help: I remember a very weird kid cartoon like show on tv, it always started with ghosts in a cemetery talking and there was always this little girl sometimes with a little boy and they would go in that cemetery at night and there would be extremely weird things to them, like one episode she is alone and end up in some sort of Hell where the Devil or Satan is enslaving the souls forcing them to push this weird wheel to ground their own tears, the souls were crying loudly and always, the devil was showing to the girl why he harvested the tears of the souls for his own purpose, I don't recall the end but I believe she freed the souls and left Hell, the Ghosts narrate a little.
If you have any idea what kind of show it might be I'd be more than please to know it, I would owe you one for sure
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