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Sankko #8573

Hello and welcome!

You've found this little gremlin hole of mine so congrats. I'm Sankko, a Finnish artist and university student with passion for animals, mythology and all that good stuff. I haven't really established myself on many platforms so my art is pretty much centered in Deviantart. I might make a thread for it in the forum here too, we'll see.

I avoid inbreeding as best as I can, and I'm interested in just breeding pretty pups with high stats. I'm a sucker for warm colors and interesting face markings.

Do not send friend requests unless we have talked somewhere and actually know each other. I will not accept people I don't know.

Member Information
Name Sankko
Pack Shimmerwind Pack
Leader Vihavalta
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 6 hours ago
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