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Brayden [He/him] #79686

About Me!

Hey there! I'm Brayden, a gay transmasc who uses he/him pronouns. I live in the US and am an hour behind Wolvden in the winter, and exact time as Wolvden in the summer.

I am a huge fan of The Dragon Prince, Lord of the Rings & Greek mythology. You may often see some (or lots) of my wolves with names that correspond to those interests.

Messaging Rules!

My PMs are always open to answer questions or just to chat! I am quite an awkward and shy person, even if it may not seem that way, so please bear with me! I will say, there are topics that I am not comfortable with and that you should keep away from me. Said topics are:
- Homophobia, racism, sexism, etc
- Venting
- Sexualizing/Romanticizing

I will also say that I do not want advertising in my messages. Please do not message me asking if I can either advertise for you or buy something from you.


(Links are there, it's just all white lmao)
My Pronouns Page!
My Stud's Breeding Page!
Role Log


Art of my first lead, Mixa, by yours truly

Art of Ezran by Shiba (#15677)

Art of Cayge by Anribel (#1166)

Custom Cayge figurine made by me!
Wolf Designs!

OCs of Mine

Sunfall [link]

Nikolai [link]

Rapid [link]

Siku [link]

Other Designs

CJ Twins for October Lethal Giveaway [link]

Member Information
Name Brayden [He/him]
Pack Astrophel Peak
King ᴄᴀʏɢᴇ
Joined 2022-07-27
Last Active 1 minute ago
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