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harupawz #65422

Hello! My name is Haru, but I also go by Max.

✧ I go by he/him and I'm 9 hours ahead of WD time. If I do not RO by 6AM WD time, I likely won't be on that day. I roll irregularly.
✧ I plan to not roll after the current Lunar event ends, until the start of the Cataclysms event (26th July-1st Aug).
✧ I'm just a regular person with very few hobbies, such as drawing, that has two dogs and is a med student. I am, however, getting back into playing guitar, as well as learning Korean, so that's three hobbies in total.
✧ This game makes me hyperfixate very badly, but I try to reduce the time I spend on it.
I don't mind friend requests and will accept any.

✧ I love drawing wolves and actually do commissions! You can find my art shop here.
✧ I've also got a YCH shop which you can find here.
✧ If you'd like to submit any of your wolves/characters, check out my free sketches thread and maybe it can happen that I draw your character!
✧ Lately, I've been focusing on drawing anthros (and humans) and making my own characters. I also opened a shop for them as well, so feel free to check it out!
✧ I slowly got into making Custom Decoration, which I don't have a huge interest in. I may never open up commissions for them, but I gladly make CDs for my wolves or my friends'.

✧ You can find my trades here! They consist of wolves, usually with minimum 6 "rare" (T2+) markings. I breed a lot of T3 wolves, so there are plenty of them too! (that is, if I'm not feeling lazy to post them on TC)
✧ I stopped posting wolves up on TC, due to being busy + the amount of them that I have. If any unlocked wolf catches your interest, feel free to shoot me a message! I will gladly work out the price with you.
✧ Feel free to check out my stud Yogoe, too!
✧ You can find me on Instagram where I post my drawings and dogs on my stories.
✧ I also have a ToyHouse where you can find my characters along with characters up for offers in my OTA folder!
✧ I have Discord too, though, it's reserved for friends and people I often talk to, sometimes my clients.

Some random facts:

✧ My most hated marking is definitely Agouti, while the ones I love the most are Shaded, (Black) Smudge and Panda (if done well).
✧ My most loved base is definitely Argent. After I got Akito, they became my soul base.
✧ Both of my dogs are whippets, Kali and Sparky. My girl Kali was born on New Year's Eve of 2020, which I find adorable.
✧ I used to go to an art school to become a graphic designer, but quickly realised med school interested me more.
✧ I took interest in the surgery field and I'm leaning towards becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon .
✧ Studying abroad has always been one of my dreams. I have Korea in mind as I was able to find a Uni where I could have a chance to complete my Master's degree! I check all the requirement boxes, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to make it, although there's a very small chance.
✧ I love old cars, Camaros, Dodges, Mitsubishi Eclipses; I will take all of them, ALL OF THEM!!
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