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Honeycomb #6340

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Heyo! While I'm going by Honeycomb on here. You might be familiar with the person behind Pack Pudding Cup from WolfPlay, alternatively Puddin' Cup (#3606) on Discord, or Sugar_Rush on ToyHouse. If you do and we are friends, feel free to send me a Friend Request! I'd love to get my friend circle going on here. You can call me Pudding, and/or Puddin' regardless of who ya are. Friend or otherwise. Not completely sure what I'm going to do here, but if you know me then you know that I am fond of RP'ing, besides that I'm not so sure. However, so far I can see a future for myself here.

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Name Honeycomb
Pack Honeybee Hive
Queen Zeeva
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 21 minutes ago
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