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Ruru #61244

i like naming my wolves interesting words that probably no one has heard of/something i think would be a silly name for a wolf, have fun googling!!!

Custom decors! Art done by mercurie #35270 who did an AMAZING job!! (both are horror based) "Eye See You" "Deathwing's Embrace" last person i sold a mutie pup to blocked me and resold her, so i'm not taking that chance! Gemini, my polycephaly. there has been a change of plans, I will be auctioning her on the forums so that ppl will stop messaging me. there are over 7 million wolves on this site and Gemini is one of 143 wolves that have this mutation. if the auction doesn't pan out, I'll keep her and ya'll can cry about it XD

6/10/23 hail to the 14 gods, born of smirke
1. The Lightless Flame:
"In the depths of darkness, her burning light was extinguished. She dared to challenge the inferno, only to be consumed by its relentless embrace."

2. The One Alone:
"Forever wandering the desolate paths, he sought solace in solitude. But even the loneliest souls are not spared the clutches of oblivion."

3. Viscera:
"Once the embodiment of macabre beauty, her flesh and spirit entwined in grotesque harmony. Alas, the appetite for life's horrors proved too insatiable."

4. The Falling Titan:
"With dreams that soared to dizzying heights, he succumbed to the abyss of insignificance. The weight of existence shattered his mighty form, and he plummeted into oblivion."

5. Forever Deep Below Creation:
"In the depths of earth's embrace, she sought refuge from the overwhelming weight of the world. But even the strongest foundations can crumble beneath the weight of fate."

6. Blood:
"A hunter in the shadows, relentless and swift. But the prey she pursued eluded her grasp, leaving her haunted by the taste of unquenched desire."

7. I Do Not Know You:
"In the realm of forgotten memories, she vanished into the void. Her name whispered on the lips of the forgotten, lost in the depths of eternal mystery."

May their stories be remembered, and may their spirits find peace in the great beyond.
Reminder to self:
Count the amusement items before buying a group of 100, ugh.
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