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DevilSpawn | 🐷👑 #60028

Rest in peace, king of anarchy, blood god to rule them all. Technoblade. 3


TIII bred
-2 piasa
-4 grulla
-1 opal
-2 teardrop
-1 bronze
-5 foxes
-2 pyropes
-2 chromiums
-2 seals
-3 wulfenites
-2 iridium
-1 zircon
-1 serpentine
-1 tombac
-2 slate

T* bred
-1 moonlight
-1 clover

-Make a full 10M Merle with low gen
Progress: gotten to 6 merle. Working on breeding more.

-Collect every skull in game
Progress (7/31)
-bush dog
-cotton mouth
-polar bear

Dream lead - link
Member Information
Name DevilSpawn | 🐷👑
Pack Falling Ash
Alpha Burn'star
Joined 2022-02-22
Last Active 1 hour ago
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