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. ˗ˏˋ༻ʚ valsy ɞ༺ˎˊ˗ . #58465

please use masc terms !
Pride flag creds to Antlers<3 link
Link to thread with pride flags<3


Name: meowsly

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Current Goals:
Breed a Lethal Mutie! (excluding brachy)❌
Obtain a lethal mutie, (excluding brachy) whether from trading or breeding ❌
Obtain over 500gc at once!❌
Breed all T3 bases❌
Obtain all T* Base Applicators ❌
Finish the lore for my pack❌

Total number of wolves chased so far: 23
Total number of T3s chased so far: 9

-1 WD Time

feel free to pm me if you need anything, items, help etc<3

Working on(Short-Term goals):
getting a realgar

Member Information
Name . ˗ˏˋ༻ʚ valsy ɞ༺ˎˊ˗ .
Pack Hunting Moon Wolves
Pack Leader . jupiter .
Joined 2022-02-13
Last Active 8 seconds ago
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