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Azavea #58194

please do not randomly send me wolves without talking to me first!
I have my space planned out to fit pups/adols as they age and likely won't have the territory for a surprise wolf, even if you are doing it as a "thank you"

Anteros (STUD)


  • Set new G2 Stud

  • Buy Pup Stages

  • Breed/Buy a Fox

  • Breed/Buy a lethal mutie

Refunds/Surrendered Pups

If you adopt a pup (or multiple puppies) from me and end up not wanting them for any reason - not enough space, resources, etc - just pm me and I will buy them back from you for the same price you bought them.

Pregnant/In Heat Wolves

If you notice that I have pregnant wolves (or wolves in heat) and think you might be interested in their pups, you can pm me to tell me you might want the pup(s). Open to reverse studdings, depending on the wolf.

Trade Info

pm if you would like any pups or adolescents and I can reserve them for you! Any T1 or T2 pup that does not have "KEEP" or "RESERVE" in its name is up for grabs! Generally, these pups are max 20SC - a little bit more than fodder price.

Additionally, if you have adopted a pup from me before you are welcome to future pups from the same mother for free - so long as it is not T3/T*/Mut. I know some people like having related wolves for lore, and I like to support that!

About Me!

Hey! I'm Canadian and joined Wolvden last year. Focused mainly on breeding merles, pies, and T3s.

Feel free to send friend requests! If you're new to the game and want help with figuring anything out you can pm me - I know I found things confusing when I first started so I'm happy to help!

Im active throughout the day and usually rollover around 4:00-5:00 Wolvden time. I log in right before & after RO, so I will most likely get to any last minute stud requests then!

Member Information
Name Azavea
Pack Ancient Earth Pack
Leader Skyfyre
Joined 2022-02-11
Last Active 6 hours ago
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