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sti(n)ky [hiatus, sorry!] #54601

indefinite hiatus!!! feel free to message or whatever though.

[any pronouns, she/they preferred] +18 hours wd time | f2p | feel free to call me stick(s), sticky, thtick(s) or dish ^^
your local canine loving artist. i'm a sucker for rainbow, colourbombs and light natural wolves
do not buy my trades to resell for profit. if you do, you will be blocked.
i am quick to judge and do not take rude or disrespectful 'jokes' well. don't make any towards me, unless you want to be snapped at.
here to ruin your day yet again.

art of Bloodstone done by #108831 ^^

Currency Goals:
[Started 13/10/22]
1kGC : Met 14/02/23!
1mSC : 360k
1.5kGC : 1.47k
Other Goals:
[started 5/3/23]
- get a lead wolf to 1k stats - met 14/08/23
- get a lead wolf to 450 str
- get the leftover bones recipe
- have any wolf of mine on the leaderboard
- get a stud to 1k pups bred
- topple the tc o.o

please do not add me to your quote walls. if you'd like to be removed from mine, pm me.
wall of shame [/j]:
Aglophobia (#54084)
I think I'm down bad for the grandmas in cookie clicker.
2023-03-14 06:43:26

pfp by me
Member Information
Name sti(n)ky [hiatus, sorry!]
Pack Blue Birch Pack
Queen þhåñ†ðm
Joined 2022-01-01
Last Active 2024/07/10 22:15:38