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🏹 #54601

[any pronouns] +18 hours wd time | f2p | feel free to call me stick(s), sticky, thtick(s) or dish ^^
your local canine loving artist. i'm a sucker for rainbow, colourbombs and light natural wolves
do not buy my trades to resell for profit. if you do, you will be blocked.
i am quick to judge and do not take rude or disrespectful 'jokes' well. don't make any towards me, unless you want to be snapped at.

art of Bloodstone done by #108831 ^^

Currency Goals:
[Started 13/10/22]
1kGC : Met 14/02/23!
1mSC : 200kSC
1.5kGC : 1.2k
Other Goals:
[started 5/3/23]
- get a lead wolf to 1k stats
- get a lead wolf to 450 str
- get the leftover bones recipe
- have any wolf of mine on the leaderboard
- get a stud to 1k pups bred
- topple the tc o.o
note: i am apparently not a grinder. my 500 lucky feet and 3.5k uses of salves would beg to differ. my 10k bone rem hoard would like to have a word, and so would my 10k egg rem hoard.

please do not add me to your quote walls. if you'd like one removed from mine, pm me.
wall of shame [/j]:
Aglophobia (#54084)
I think I'm down bad for the grandmas in cookie clicker.
2023-03-14 06:43:26
Member Information
Name 🏹
Pack Blue Birch Pack
Queen Rainbow FLAVOUR Wolf
Joined 2022-01-01
Last Active 50 minutes ago