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hitodama #5447

Welcome to Virtaavien Vetten Lauma!
I'm mainly interested in wolves of Cool range colors and Dilution, Ticking and some smaller accent-like markings. My current dream would be to breed some pretty Demin, Sky and Grulla colored wolves with interesting eyes.

Feel free to message me pretty much about anything; if you are interested in a certain wolf, if I found a wolf you chased or just to chat about the game, my messages are open to everyone!

If anyone from my friend list wants to use my stud or buy a wolf I'm selling, I'll give you guys a 50 % discount. <3 (Although I only accept people I know from somewhere as friends. If we do know each other but your username here doesn't immediately reveal who you might be, please send me a message along your friend request.
Member Information
Name hitodama
Pack Virtaavien Vetten Lauma
Leader Mänty
Joined 2020-10-05
Last Active 3 hours ago
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