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mantatyke *⁀➵♡ #50601

Nestled deep in the tired tangle of waterlogged roots and curtains of cattail, a quiet dwelling resides, seamless and hidden well from an outsider's senses. What was once prosperous land for the strange smelling two-legs, now overrun and reclaimed by nature's quiet persistence, has bloomed into a safe abode for the generations born and raised within its cradle of fern and moss.

The scent of humans has long since been washed away by countless seasons' rains, replaced now by the scent of wet fur laced with fern and silt beneath water-damp air. Only the withered and ruined strangely-shaped human-crafted tools remain as abandoned remnants of what once was, now merely more than curious echoes riding below the veil of wolfsong. One can often find young pups passing down their own fairy tales regarding the oddly-shaped constructs and what they may have been used for and what mysteries might have accompanied them.

It's better this way; the Fallows are now as safe as they are quiet. Those who have learned the language of the old and wizened trees have tutored one another in the ways of herbalism. Those whose paws have learned to glide along the muddy riverbanks with elegant precision have nurtured prosperous farmland into lush hunting grounds. Unmarked trails have been forged along the riverbanks by they eyes and paws of scouts, led by the season's rains and currents. And all those born within the clover-lined cradles are nurtured until strong and healthy enough to find lives of their own, should they find their callings beyond that of the territory's boundaries.

The leaders of The Forgotten Fallows pack follow the descendants of its original founders-- that of Kyu and her life partner Marius. With them passed down not only generations of patient leaders, but with them the teachings of generosity and balance with the world around them. Not a traveling soul has passed through without finding their needs met between welcoming paws and a warm den to lay their head down for the night.

Here the breath of the ferns and trees are in unison with the inhabitants that have made their dwellings in the natural dens. Here, you will find quiet, if a little strange, company in this isolated and forgotten land.

Welcome to the Forgotten Fallows.

Member Information
Name mantatyke *⁀➵♡
Pack Forgotten Fallows Pack
Pack Leader Duffel
Joined 2021-10-25
Last Active 22 minutes ago
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