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🐷👑PaintbrushSkies👑🐷 #49576

Flag pixels are here!

My pronouns are it/they/he, and you can call me Paint or Elk!

Feel free to talk to me in dms about pretty much anything and have a nice chit chat!

* Do NOT ask for my wolves in any shape or form unless stated otherwise.
* I will NOT accept random friend requests.

** If you do either of these I will block you, and if you beg for one or more of my wolves I will report you. :)

Here's my art shop! I do semi-realistic wolf headshots/busts and fullbodies.

PitaPata Dog tickers

Artwork! <3

Strange Robin (left) Great Robin (middle) Emery (right) - drawn by EternalOutcxst #7591 !

Eun - Drawn by: 🦆Duck!🦆 #31722

Totem sketch by Dissolve #32210

Rubyet By Chipper 🦊🎨 #50444 /a>

Ashi by Spottyleopar #52512!

Fog by Frisk #13714!

Totem by Winter❄️Akumu#28568!

Oreo (left) and Ashi (right) by Winter❄️Akumu #28568!

Ashi + Pudgee by fincheggs #27200!

Ashi by fincheggs #27200!

Tamir by Silver (new to wd) #48922!

Oreo by ThePandaburrr #11817!
Forgor, Folgers, Gorgot and Poggers... Oh and also Floorgoat. And Fer. Only 12/27/21 4am chat will know.
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Name 🐷👑PaintbrushSkies👑🐷
Pack The Green Aster Pack
Leader Chamomile [She/her]
Joined 2021-10-01
Last Active 1 hour ago
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