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🌹Jujuba🌹 #48057

Art made by kλƨƨ 🌻 #936

Hello! Welcone to my page <3

I am 20 yrs Brazilian person who loves Games and Movies! I really like Sonic, Disney, Marvel and Pokémon stuff ^^

If you want check all my Oc's, check my Toyhouse too! Btw, if you are an artist, i always looking for art for then! Feel free to DM me if you can and want draw then ^^ I will love buy your services <3

New Stud: 🔗Silver🔗 ᴺᴮᵂ Caribou Based/Patches Split/Full Marks/700+ Stats/650 or 1
Looking for arts for my Oc's!
Any puppy as named "FREE" Is for free! DM me to claim! :D

Another Game Link!

Find me in Lioden game!
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Name 🌹Jujuba🌹
Pack Snowgroup
Pack Leader 🔗Silver🔗 ᴺᴮᵂ
Joined 2021-08-26
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