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SnowPack #47334

Hello Everyone!

My current goals are to breed Argents with Storm eyes and low gen wolves with White Wings Scarce markings in slots 6-10.
Goal Wolf: Wardrobe

Breeding Goals:
Storm eyed Argents
White Wings Scarce x5 wolves (slots 6-10)

Stud: Sol Invictus Previous Stud: Celestial Ether

Art by Trippy #123143

❄ = Niflheim's Children
🌑 = King of the Nether's Children
🌟 = Celestial Ether's Children
☀ = Sol Invictus's Children

🐺=Unrelated to my Breeding Males
💿 = Glass eyes
♡ = Albino Carrier

Raise and Chase
Storm Eyed Argent: 12
Argent: 55
Storm Eyed Chromium: 6
Chromium: 28

Note to Self: TII Bases you can get with Base Changer
Almond Buff Calcite Chert* Dinar* Ducat Galena* Lilac Onyx* Oroide Pale Pecan Pewter* Russet Sandy Siqoq Sulphur Tawny Vanilla

New Eye Applicators:
The recipes for these eye applicators can be found while rescouting a biome!
Bone , Carapace, Cetacean, Crotalus, Puma, Scallop, Yagou

Grouse Recipes to get:
Spruce Grouse Feather [Female]
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Name SnowPack
Pack SnowShadow Pack
Pack Leader Moon Blessing
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