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Volcharis #47137

About me

Aki | (she/he) | ENFP | demisexual
Hello! I am digital animal artist and wolf is my favourite animal. I also have the dog and the snake as my pets. My main goal for this game is to make a strong pack with its own lore and get many cool looking wolves!

my art twitter

My goals

✅ Get 3 T3 pups
✅ Make 2 strong hunter parties with good synergy and stats
✅ Get cool and popular stud
✅ 20 lvl of the lead wolf
✅ Get 100% proficiency for all main wolves
⬜ Add more lore
⬜ Breed private Warm Dark line
⬜ Get melacarrier NBW
⬜ NBW Argent/Pyrope/Realgar/Seal as new stud

Fav bases: Warm Dark/Medium, Monochrome Light/Dark, Muted Dark


Member Information
Name Volcharis
Pack Braverock Pack
Leader Power 👑
Joined 2021-08-02
Last Active 4 hours ago
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