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Astra #45959

I collect crafting recipes as a hobby. If you have the materials, I'm happy to craft any of the following recipes for free: (If you would like to know the material quantities, please just ask. I'm happy to provide that information!)

Anything I can craft, I'm happy to craft in advance before swapping it for the replacement materials. And if I'm missing a few items, I'd ask only for those few - Then swap for the remainder. And probably send something else over as collateral during the meantime.

Feel free to message me anytime! I'm friendly. Kind of a ditz. But friendly!

Recipes that I am able to create are hidden under this spoiler:
  • Abandoned Den
  • Acorn Bundle Decor
  • Angel Oak
  • Arizona White Oak Sapling
  • Arnica Flower Decor
  • Arnica Meadow
  • Background Rocks [Brown]
  • Background Rocks [Gray]
  • Base Applicator [Badger]
  • Base Applicator [Fox]
  • Bearberry Herb Crown
  • Bird's Nest [Bush]
  • Bird's Nest [Tree]
  • Blooming Garlic
  • Blossoming Guaiac Tree
  • Bone Decor
  • Broken Antler Decor
  • Burning Bush Crown
  • Burning Bush Tree
  • Burrows Among the Roots
  • Bushy-Crested Jay
  • Canine Fang Necklace
  • Carrionflower Herb Crown
  • Cedar Bark Crown
  • Cedar Trees
  • Charged Eyes
  • Cozy Den
  • Cozy Nest
  • Dandelion Decor
  • Deer Ear Accessory
  • Den of Pelts
  • Desolate Cave
  • Elk Ear Accessory
  • Eternal Slumber
  • Eye Applicator [Fox]
  • Fallen Tree Den
  • Fields of Tansy
  • Flickering Meadow
  • Forest Dwelling
  • Gambel Oak Sapling
  • Gathering Lunar Butterflies
  • Gem Cave
  • Gnawing Hoof Trinket
  • Goldenseal Accent
  • Green Meadow
  • Guaiacum Crown
  • Hollow Tree Den
  • Large Rocks Decor
  • Leftover Bones
  • Lunar Fur Dust
  • Lunar Glowing Claws
  • Moose Ear Accessory
  • Mountain Laurel Blossoms
  • Mushroom Path
  • Mustelid Fangs Tail Jewelry
  • Northern Red Oak Sapling
  • Old Railway
  • Overgrown Arches
  • Overgrown Car
  • Overgrown Cave
  • Overgrown Den
  • Parrot Feather Decor
  • Pasadena Oak Branch
  • Path of Boulders
  • Pose Variant [Sentinel]
  • Puffin Colony
  • Rabbit Carcass Decor
  • Rabbit Foot Den
  • Red Oak Branch [Green]
  • Red Oak Branch [Red]
  • Redwood Sorrel Meadow
  • Rocky Den
  • Root Cave
  • Sandstone Cavern
  • Scarce Understory [Green]
  • Scattered Bones
  • Scattered Foliage [Dry]
  • Scattered Rocks
  • Scattered Sticks
  • Secluded Spring Den
  • Skeletal Remains
  • Squirrel Carcass Decor
  • Sunlit Cave
  • Tansy Crown
  • Tufted Jay
  • Valley Oak
  • White Oak Sapling
  • Winter Cave
  • Wolf Trophy Tail Band [Timber]
  • Wolf Trophy Tail Necklace [Black]
  • Wolf Trophy Tail Necklace [White]
  • Yarrow Decor

Recipes I have duplicates of listed under this spoiler - Send me a message if you want one? Will give a reasonable price; or be happy to swap for any I don't know yet!
  • Recipe: Flickering Meadow
  • Recipe: Scattered Bones
  • Recipe: Blooming Garlic
  • Recipe: Gathering Lunar Butterflies
  • Recipe: Desolate Cave
  • Recipe: Mushroom Path
  • Recipe: Angel Oak
  • Recipe: Large Rocks Decor
  • Recipe: Tansy Crown
  • Recipe: Burning Bush Tree x2
  • Recipe: Guaiacum Crown
  • Recipe: Moose Ear Accessory
  • Recipe: Pasadena Oak Branch
  • Recipe: Elk Ear Accessory
  • Recipe: Deer Ear Accessory x2
  • Recipe: Eye Applicator [Fox]
  • Recipe: Broken Antler Decor
  • Recipe: Lunar Fur Dust x2
  • Recipe: Den of Pelt x2
  • Recipe: Arnica Flower Decor
  • Recipe: Charged Eyes
  • Recipe: Acorn Bundle Decor
  • Recipe: Carrionflower Herb Crown
  • Recipe: Cozy Nest
  • Recipe: Fields of Tansy
  • Recipe: Overgrown Arches
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