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RatherRabbit #3983

He/him. local rat bastard 

Naming system and basically all the lore from this pack has been lovingly stolen from the Warrior Cats franchise. Pack theme will probably change with time.
I also have no real plan. Just Here To Vibe.
I'm not terribly good at or terribly interested in trying to breed rare wolves, just making pretty ones. I like selling ''rare'' NBWs or pups for cheap though, since I know a lot of people enjoy doing breeding project and collecting oddities!

Big Goals: Desert move.

Most wanted bases: Peach; Mojave; Feldspar; Arkrose; Teardrop

Misc: Ice eyes; Glass eyes; Marbled Skin & Nose; 400+ stats

Member Information
Name RatherRabbit
Pack Halftooth Tribe
Lead Wolf Pale Sun
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 2021/04/30 17:09:30
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