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Chimerical Beast #39711

Wolvden time +3

My preferred pronouns are ze/zim/zir/zirs, but I’ll accept any (except it/its).

I’m not talkative, but I’m not mean! I’m autistic, though, so there might be some communication issues. If I say something that upsets you or hurts your feelings, please let me know. It’s almost certainly unintentional and I’d appreciate learning from the mistake.

If you want something from me, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I might not oblige, but you never know!

Goals (in no particular order):

  • Have Gita reach level 15
  • Have Gita reach level 20
  • Find a good stud male
  • Expand cave to 30 wolf slots
  • Expand cave to 50 wolf slots
  • Max out cave expansion
  • Figure out how to breed pretty wolves
  • Breed a void pup (black base/skin/nose/claws/eyes)
  • Breed a phooka pup (black base/skin/nose/claws, red eyes)
  • Breed a melanistic pup
  • Breed a clean melanistic pup
  • Breed an albino pup
  • Breed a clean albino pup
  • Obtain a clean Selenite wolf
  • Obtain a clean Lunar wolf
  • Obtain a pair bond for each wolf (if in character)
  • Have at least one offspring from each of my wolves (if in character)
  • Actually write up my lore

Member Information
Name Chimerical Beast
Pack Gadhair Sidhe
Pack Leader Gita
Joined 2021-03-02
Last Active 4 hours ago
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