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☾*✲⋆Saddust⋆✲*☽ #38731


The pretty girl in my profile picture is named Mikki!! She's my

I breed for high stats - great performers and high tier bases. I'd prefer to give away these strong pups rather than trade so feel free to PM me if you see one you'd really like to have!

High mark pups will be raised to R&C to help put strong NBW out there.

If you'd like a pup out of my giveaway den - feel free to send me a PM!

Mentor = 🤓
Pupsitter = 🍭
Hunter = 🏹
Temp Hunting Team = 🏹🍏
Lead = 👑
Stud = 💘
Herbalist = 🌿
Scout = 🔎
Member Information
Name ☾*✲⋆Saddust⋆✲*☽
Pack Terraline
Alpha Sulem 👑
Joined 2021-02-15
Last Active 23 minutes ago
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