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ʟυɴεβεαᴍ #38230

welcome to my den! feel free to take a look at my cute collection of puppos :D I'll accept all friend requests as long as you're kind and courteous to others

some info abt me:

age: 17 years old

pronouns: i prefer she/her but im cool with anything else

country: USA 

languages: english, korean, spanish 

i love to sleep, draw, and design pretty wolves in my free time^^

A C T I V E    H O U R S

06:30 AM ~ 21:00 PM (WD time)

currently 3hrs ahead of WD time

Member Information
Name ʟυɴεβεαᴍ
Pack Nightbloods
Alpha Nux
Joined 2021-02-07
Last Active 6 days ago
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