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Cody #36966

Anyone here on this game is a FURRY fan if you are please and could we be friends, but if not I do understand, but any can tell me your favorite FURRY, my is Telephone. Hello I'm really CODY ALLEN. I'm 16 of age a fantasy and non-fantasy bookworm, a model kit builder, DRAGON puzzle nerd, Wolves fan, also obviously Dragon nerd fan, FNAF fan, and I'm interested into Wood classes or Welding Classes, but if you want to learn more about me in personal go right ahead we can talk about stuff that you might think is weird or evenΒ if you are wanting pup's I will allow my females or males to breed those want a pup from 1 of their pack, it's because I'm saying this is I'm tired of having my pup's passing away due to infections, other packs violence, and many more that I haven't listed down, so if you want 1 I'll allow a breeding part to my friends and non - friends that I don't know, so go and ask which 1 you want to breed with.
Member Information
Name Cody
Pack Ash Chaos
Lead Gadzook
Joined 2021-01-24
Last Active 2021/10/07 21:26:46
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