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Vix #33150


My pronouns are She/They! I'm a punk goth lesbian and in a relationship <3. Occasionally I draw and love to support the artists on wolvden via commissions or mass buying custom decors. PM me if you wanna chat, I don't bite!

I primarily sell food (and at 3sc per use). If you need Food and can pay with something else (Amusement, salves, etc) PM me. Or if you need trades sent your way, PM me for that too!
*I try to be active but I'm pretty busy most of the time with work. I DO NOT ROLL OVER SOME DAYS IN THE WINTER OR SATURDAYS

Pride Month
Name: Pride Month
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Heaven's Fire
Member Information
Name Vix
Pack The Winterpelt Pride
Queen 🐉Cerberus🐉
Joined 2020-12-12
Last Active 2022/07/11 10:52:32
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