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Mustang 🐎 #3314

I chase SEVERAL pups, some as high as 600+ stats. If you see a puppy you like, message me the link and find out if its available. If it is, I ask 100sc per pup. I will place your account number on it and set up a trade when it ages. If it is not picked up within 24 hours of placing the trade, I will chase it.

I usually chase pups after 2.5 months.

If its an exceptionally pretty or special pup I'll train it to 6 months, those pups are 350sc each. If it doesnt sell, I'll chase it, so dont expect to see if as an NBW.

I do not sell T3/* or mutations for cheap, so please dont beg or lowball for one.

I dont enclave as it only adds to the pup sales issues but I do raise and chase!

Im open to most offers on my trades. Im always looking for amusement items or craft items.

Stalkers require high Smarts and Wisdom.
Chasers require high Agility and Speed.
Finishers require high Strength.

Member Information
Name Mustang 🐎
Pack Dawn Roarers
Alpha FelRaven
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 1 day ago