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Ya Dragon Gurl #32405

“The Sun never fades. The shadows merely speak of a obstacle in the light’s way. Do not fret, little dragonet, my precious. The Sun shines regardless, undeterred by the shadow’s whispers. The light awaits you, offering its warm blanket. The clouds are in the way, but with time they will leave. And should the clouds refuse to move and the Sun’s glory be trapped, I will move them for you.”

 - Chrysoberyl, the dragon who watches over, guiding the lead wolf from the stars.

400 base stat wolf acquired, eyes now on a 500 stat wolf.

Mela customized! Thank you to everyone who helped me!

Working on getting a T3! Any fox items related to getting the fox base except the fox skull and claws are welcome!

Proud member of the Dragon Wolf joint pack

Member Information
Name Ya Dragon Gurl
Pack Dragon’s Claws
Alpha Klawde
Joined 2020-12-05
Last Active 6 hours ago
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