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Insane🍪Chocolate☕ #29186


26yo. Part of LGBTQIAP+ community 🏳️‍🌈 feminist and mother of two. Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Video games, psychology, chocolate and pets lover. That's me basically 😎

Not an English native speaker 🇵🇱 😉

🕗 8 hours ahead of Wolvden time 

Me on discord: Daya#2305

👉 Check out Lampo⚡ - The Lunar Lightening Stud

👉 Maybe you'll find some treasures here💎 - my trades

👉 FREE pups🧸- choose yours and give them some love

👉 Tier II pups and adols for SALE🐶 - cheap, NIB, nice stats

Member Information
Name Insane🍪Chocolate☕
Pack Hylian Pack
Lead Wolf Dayanara
Joined 2020-11-15
Last Active 2 minutes ago
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