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🧚 Corgi le Fay 🧚 #28428

Welcome to the Faerie Realm

🍄Founding Lore🍄
Llynweth and his companion, Kethyln, stumbled across Corgi le Fay's domain. In order to protect their beloved corgis, for centuries the Fae King had forbade wolves from living in the land. Exhausted from their travels, the pair of wolves might have died but for Kethyln's unusual markings. She bore markings reminiscent of the Fae King's corgis, and the Fae King was moved to allow the pair of wolves to stay. In thanks, the pair allowed the Fae King to rename them and also named their new pack the Faerie Pack in the Fae King's honor.

Soon after the pair of wolves settled in, a female cub was born. Llyneth had inherited her mother's marking, pleasing the Fae King even more. They threw a feast, inviting the small pack to celebrate, and the Irish marking became known as "The Fae King's Blessing"; it is now the trademark marking of the pack.

As well as having a special marking, the Faerie Pack has a special naming process. All befriended wolves must discard their birth name and be named anew by the Fae King before they can become a part of the pack. Similarly, all cubs are brought before the Fae King upon their weaning to receive their name.

🍄Morgan's Arrival🍄
After Llyneth was named by the Fae King, the pack was promised a mate for her and future she-wolves would be delivered to them. Shortly thereafter, Morgan arrived, looking confused and with no memory of his past. While the Fae King will not speak on the matter, the Faerie Pack believes he was brought into existence by the Fae King's magic. Llynweth stepped down as breeding male so that his beloved daughter and the pack as a whole would thrive under the Fae King's blessing.

🍄Pack Sayings🍄
"Tread carefully, lest your paw strike a hidden fae." - Meaning: watch your step, either literally or figuratively.

"Sing your magic, that the Fae King may hear." - A greeting and invitation to howl.

"By the corgis!" - A strong exclamation.
🍄Corgi le Fay🍄
In real life, I am a biologist (genomicist/entomologist, to be exact). My pronouns are fae/faer or they/them. I show and do dog sports (rally, agility, trick dog) with Cardigan Welsh corgis, and I also have a Pembroke Welsh corgi. My dogs are my everything.

Hetero eyes, T3, and white/black merle.

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5/35 GC value requested

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