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°✧ Acari ✧° #2606


You wander down a path that smells of another pack. You don't know this pack or if they'll welcome a stranger, but as your paws gently crunch the debris of the forest floor you continue to wander closer to the clearing in the distance. As you near the clearing, you notice a tunnel leading through the face of the mountain with a grey-red wolf waiting there. You stay in the shadows of the trees as a sandy-coloured wolf approaches the she-wolf. They greet each other before heading into the tunnel. You follow after the two wolves, making sure to keep your distance.
As you emerge on the other side of the tunnel you see a mossy-brown she-wolf lounging in the sun on a rock. She appears important as you watch the other wolves bow to her in greeting and realise this is their alpha. As you look around the rest of the clearing you notice wolves of all colours and ages all over the place, some are simply lying around enjoying the autumn sun, some are grooming each other and sharing a meal, and others are occupying pups not old enough to join with the tasks of the pack. As you approach the alpha, she turns her warm gaze to you and smiles gently, "Welcome to the Burning Dawn Pack, I'm sure you've had a long journey. Please, join us and rest your paws!"
Pack Founders
Honeybelly, Brownfur, Snowfeather, Orangestone, Redface, Alpha Redflower, Blackice, Mintfoot, Goldenfoot, and Birchnose
Hi there! I'm Acari.
I don't usually bite, so don't be afraid to message me if you want. I enjoy making new friends!
Feel free to ask about any "$, RC, or FOD" wolves, I am always open to offers!
Pan, She/Her, but I won't be offended by the use of any pronouns :)
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Come find me on Lioden or Chicken Smoothie!
I am +3 hours WD Time
Art Credit
Banner by Cryptikaia #1068 | thread
Icon by KumoTheCat #26811 with added bg from WD
Pack portrait by Flamel #4407 | thread
Member Information
Name °✧ Acari ✧°
Pack Burning Dawn Pack
Alpha Pineheart
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 5 hours ago
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