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Rocky🧿 #22919

Hi there! Welcome to my profile, you'll find that I'm a rather chill person lol

I'm on Eastern Daylight Time btw so if you're waiting on a stud request or anything, I'm up around 9am-11pm give or take and on pretty often during the day. 

My lore is loosely based on a work of fanfiction I have on quotev from the show Supernatural, which you can find more about if you visit my lead, Cinder! Or, you could just browse my den for some cool lore, they can be stand alone :D Anyone with the little scroll symbol has lore 

Like the little blue eye in my name? It's called an evil eye! I'm Greek, it's pretty common in Greece and is meant simply to ward off evil gazes. Honestly I just like it, and it makes it much easier to spot my own name in the chat lol

My goals are to breed high stat pups unrelated to the leader board and to breed a t3! Update: I've bred a fox!!! Update since then: I've now bred 5 foxes, 2 realgars, 7 pyropes, 1 chromium, 2 wulfernites and a slate :D

I'm pretty proud of my lore and am always adding more IF I have free time. If you've read my fanfiction, which can be found in the intro to my den, please let me know it would be cool to see some quotev users here!

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Name Rocky🧿
Pack Timoria
Lead Wolf Neona
Joined 2020-10-25
Last Active 21 minutes ago
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