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πŸƒ π’π„π‘π„ππˆπ“π˜ #22886

✦ A leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.Β πŸƒ

✦ Old(er than you, probably) | Any pronoun | ISFJ-A

✦ A full-time workaholic, playing 99% on mobile.

✦ Online daily, and a liiiittle bit obsessively.
✦ Do not beg me for things, or buy things from me (including studding) and then complain that you're broke. It's a very uncomfortable situation.

✦ Do not Offer on Wolves I have up for Trade if you do not have Territory space to take them (since the system won't let me Accept your Offer even if I would really like to).

✦ Do not make really crazy lowball offers (like 1 Acorn for something valued at 50GC) or I will probably think you are a troll and block you.
Member Information
Name πŸƒ π’π„π‘π„ππˆπ“π˜
Pack Unfettered
Lead Wolf 🌺 TsillaΜ‚h
Joined 2020-10-25
Last Active 4 minutes ago
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